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Translation of tourism related websites and documents

For most of us, eating good food is always a pleasurable experience. Our food is also a reflection of our local culture and tradition.

Therefore, as a food guide author and publisher, your work involves gathering together the many facets of local, regional and national heritage. This heritage is also of great interest to foreign visitors and tourists.

Export your guide

Without multilingual versions of your food guide, you will be unable to widen your distribution. This means that you won't be able give culinary advice to highly demanding international travellers in their own language.

BeTranslated is able to offer a solution to this problem, with its specialist food guide and tourism translation services.

Regional products, registered designations of origin

The reviews and information in your guide often contain specialist vocabulary. This vocabulary can include regional product names, registered designations of origin and local dishes.… All of these reflect an authentic culture, tradition or local produce…

In order to preserve this authenticity, this food-specific terminology must be correctly translated. BeTranslated translators are selected on the basis of their skills and in-depth knowledge of food and wine-related terminology. You can therefore rest assured that the exact meaning of each and every term in your guide will be preserved when transferred from one language to another.

Preserved layout, faster translation... instant availability

It will have taken months of research, writing and layout work to create your food guide. The end result is a work containing a list of restaurant addresses and reviews of restaurants, markets, cafés… and hotels, all of which have been carefully selected.

BeTranslated's specialist translators are able to work directly with your computer-based design files. This means that your guide will be translated quickly, avoiding the additional time and potential for errors associated with copying texts manually.

A multilingual online presence

While most of your guides are published in "traditional" paper format, you may also have a website, through which you promote and sell your guides. You may also decide to publish sections of these guides online, for the public to view for free. BeTranslated is able to manage the translation of your entire website and deliver files that are ready for international publication.

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