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Translations for Tourist Information Centres

As a Tourist Information Centre, you are responsible for a range of different promotional and organisational activities in a particular area or region. As part of your tasks, you will come into contact with a growing number of international tourists. You will therefore be faced with linguistic problems, which may prevent you from delivering your message and communicating effectively.

However with BeTranslated's specialist translation services, whatever language you require, your tourist information centre will be able to:

  • communicate in a way that international tourists will understand
  • attract more foreign visitors
  • spread the word about what your region has to offer.

Communicate in your visitors' language

The main purpose of your tourist information centre is to attract potential visitors, from all countries, to your region to discover what it has to offer. Your tasks also involve providing these individuals with the information they will need to organise their trip. You will therefore need to create a range of documents that list local attractions and activities and provide practical information.

BeTranslated translators are able to take all your documentation and translate it into the languages you require.

Translation of all formats

Websites, paper brochures, etc.… BeTranslated is flexible enough to meet your requirements, whatever communication format you use:

  • multilingual websites
  • brochures, plans and guides
  • downloadable electronic brochures
  • information e-mails
  • press releases
  • multimedia presentations
  • guided tour plans
  • audio commentaries
  • urban signage
  • etc.

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