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Translations for transport providers

Your work in the passenger transport sector means that you play a key role in the international tourist industry. You therefore understand better than most the importance of multilingual communication in your day-to-day dealings with travellers and tourists.

In order to translate your documentation into multiple languages, you need a professional service that you can trust. BeTranslated is the ideal service provider for your needs. BeTranslated is proud of its international network of translators, specialising in multilingual translation for the transport and tourism sectors.

Air transport provider

BeTranslated can translate your:

  • sales offers
  • practical flight-related information
  • on-board safety instructions
  • passenger magazines and publications
  • etc.

As an air transport provider, it is essential that all your communication literature and documentation is available in multiple languages. BeTranslated is able to make this a reality. Our specialist translators have an in-depth knowledge of the demands and requirements associated with air transport. As a result, you will receive a translation that is as accurate as possible... as quickly as possible.

Rail or road transport provider

Many foreign travellers prefer to travel by rail or bus. By providing your advertising brochures, business-related documentation and timetable information… in multiple languages, you can enable these foreign customers to access your business and services. This will help you to widen your customer base and increase your turnover.

offers a range of services to make the translation process easier for you, whatever languages you require.

Sea or river transport provider

How idyllic it is to relax on deck, gently rocked by the waves or river current, watching beautiful landscapes roll gently by... Not only do you provide sea or river passenger transport services, you offer travellers the chance to live out a dream.

In order to promote this dream to a wider audience, tap into the potential of the foreign tourist market and expand our business, you will almost certainly need a multilingual communication plan.

BeTranslated is able to manage the translation of all your documents and advertising literature.

Whether you offer lazy canal trips or island-hopping cruises, our specialist tourism and transport translators will deliver a translation that meets your exact requirements.

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