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Translations for travel agencies

Maybe your travel agency delivers specific products that offer great potential in the international marketplace. Or perhaps, faced with the intense competition that exists in the tourism market, you need to develop sales strategies that target other countries.

In order to achieve either of these objectives, you need to start by developing effective multilingual communication. At BeTranslated, our specialist tourism translators are able to translate your documents and sales literature into any number of languages.

A multilingual vendor, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

As a travel agency, you will undoubtedly have a website that you use to inform your customers and through which they can make online bookings:

  • Plane tickets, rail tickets, etc.
  • Trips
  • Cruises
  • Sightseeing holidays
  • Hotels, self-catering accommodation
  • Tours

Why not make the most of your website and exploit the potential it offers for securing a greater number of international sales? BeTranslated can offer translator-designers, who specialise in translating tourism websites into multiple languages.

These translators are able to translate directly in multiple file types, including HTML, scripts, databases, etc. This means that your multilingual website will be up and running in no time.

World-famous tourist site or route

Is your travel agency located near to a world-famous tourist site or route? If so, you are in a prime location to serve a high volume of tourists from across the globe.

To help you serve these tourists more effectively and secure more sales
, BeTranslated can manage the translation of all your advertising brochures, special offers, practical information and visitor guides into multiple languages.

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