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Multilingual Website

The tremendous added value of a multilingual website

The world of business has changed!

There is a significant increase in the need for companies to operate in multiple countries. Due to this, there is a necessity to have the ability to interact and communicate in foreign languages. And guess what! The Internet has become one of the primary ways of communication in our society. This has made the world a much smaller place, giving people the benefit and ease of access to shop online, purchasing products and services worldwide. To do this they need the use of multilingual websites.

Brussels Europe

Belgium: small country, large translation market!

Belgium, for a small country of nearly 11 million inhabitants, sure carries a lot of intrigue! Despite its small size, the country has three official languages – Dutch, French and German. And there’s more to it than that even! The country is divided into three regions and three “communities”, with some overlap between them. The regions are: Flanders (Dutch speaking), Wallonia (French speaking) and Brussels-capital (Bilingual).

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