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10 Foods That Brits Miss When They’re Abroad

Are we all just creatures of habit?

We all love a holiday and getting to enjoy the many wonderful new delicacies we can experience while being abroad. Such as tucking into a delicious paella or tasty empanada when in Spain, sweating over a nice and spicy hot curry in India, there are always noodles by the bowl full in China and South East Asia to savour. While we are away from home and our regular diet, despite the new and delicious foods on offer there always seems to be a selection of typical British culinary delights that we miss. The products from England that we crave that can offer us some home comforts.

What are the classic home favourites?  

Here’s a list of the preferences that seem to stand out, as the most looked forward to dishes and items upon our return from any trip away.

  1. PG tips – nothing beats a good old cup of British tea, it’s our answer to everything!
  2. Biscuits – something we love especially to accompany our tea, dunking them is the best way for them to be devoured.
  3. Heinz baked beans – as the saying goes ‘beans, beans, good for your heart, the more you eat the more you fart’ there’s nothing quite like them.
  4. HP sauce/Heinz tomato ketchup – a tasty brown sauce and tomato sauce both with a unique blend of spices that no other brand can replicate. They are both great condiments to accompany many traditional English meals.
  5. Cadburys – while the UK is not best known for its chocolate there’s something about Cadbury’s that no other chocolatier can quite match.
  6. Crisps – although some other country’s do have their own versions, (some call them potato chips) no other country that I have visited can contend with our variety and choice of flavours.
  7. Marmite – love it or hate it is up there as a top contender for those in the former camp. That salty savoury taste best served with butter on hot toast, is one that can’t be beaten for some.
  8. The best English breakfast – sausage, eggs, mushroom, beans, toast, tomatoes, hash browns and black pudding, is also what we refer to commonly as a fry up, it’s known as a great hangover cure too.
  9. Fish and chips – big fat fried potato chips (similar to what some countries call French fries) and fried battered white fish often served up with mushy peas, this is usually found wrapped up in newspaper from speciality restaurants by the sea. Although now a typical meal throughout England.
  10. Sunday roast – is a traditional meal served up for the weekends and consists of roast beef (which could also be either chicken or lamb) Yorkshire pudding, roast potatoes and greens (vegetables) with gravy. This is the average English family’s go to Sunday meal.

The English bits we can live without

One thing we may not miss and be rushing back for as much as our favourite foods is the English weather well known for its cold temperatures, grey clouds and rain.

Let us know what we’ve missed off the list by telling us all of your UK favs!

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