Translation Quality

We are delighted to share some tips & tricks with you that will help you in your quest for quality in translation work:

  1. Provide some sample texts to the potential translation partner and request them to translate the sample for free, as some kind of quality check. Send at least half of a page of text but do not exaggerate in the opposite sense and do not ask more than a couple of pages of test translation, if not you risk to lose the interest of good vendors.
  2. Ask for more details on what service you can expect: is it just the translation as such, or do you expect as well the proofreading performed by another qualified translation? Not such a bad idea when taking into account that anybody can make mistakes and it is your good right as a customer to request a second lecture.
  3. Insist on having your documents translated by a translator who is a true subject matter expert, on top of his skills as qualified translator. The free proofreading as explained in Tip 1 will soon provide you a fair idea up to what level the translator is familiarized with your business. You will notice that most of the professional translating companies are used to getting this kind of requests.

Check for possible references, proving that the professional translator has sufficient experience regarding your business. Maybe they will spontaneously provide some contacts within other companies they worked for.

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