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How The Millennial Generation Works

How working life used to be

When our grandparents and parents grew up work ethics were very different. They were told to work hard put their heads down, get through the daily grind and this would result in success and a happy, fulfilling life.

The aspiration was to hold down a job making it a stable career and work 9-5 to support a family. Buying a nice car, mortgaging a house and having children was something to strive for. Taking a two week holiday abroad was a luxury reserved for the upper class alone and later became the aim for most.

Working in the new world

How things have changed! The millennial generation has grown up with the internet at their fingertips, making the world a much faster and smaller place. They have all the information they need at the click of a button and can access a virtual world providing loads of new ways to generate income. All they really require is a laptop or even just a phone to enable them the freedom to work from literally anywhere.

The developing new lifestyle changes

The generation gap seems more apparent than ever, slowly old ideas are being completely ditched and replaced with updated, new and different sets of goals and aspirations. The millennials don’t want to spend years of their lives studying whilst racking up mounds of debt learning things that can now be accessed for free. Nor do they want to be investing in property that ties them down, causing them to spend the rest of their lives stuck paying it off and why should they?

Yesterday’s society seems to have created a norm leaving people feeling more and more overworked and less and less connected. It doesn’t have to be this way and the new younger generation are increasingly leading the way to change. We can see how this is creating a shift in the past approach becoming extinct. Now there are options that weren’t available before, to truly experience life, to travel the world, to feel connected to nature, their peers, to meet new people constantly and have a multinational pool of friends, whilst working a job at their leisure.

Differences between then and now

Whereas in the past it was believed that hard work paid off; and without putting in the hours and commitment you simply would not be a success in life, the current, growing workforce are deciding that they don’t want to tiptoe through life trying to safely get to death’s door. They want to make the most of every moment by getting out there and living it. Realising that one can, in fact, make a very good living whilst enjoying the beach, the sun and new cultures plus maintain a nomadic lifestyle should they so wish. Always being able to explore pastures new and follow their dreams at the same time is some that can be made financially viable.

How they go about it

The possibilities these days are endless and the opportunities for working whilst on the go are ever expanding, from teaching languages online, to translating, to social media management, to project management, to so many more. All of these can be done from any exotic destination that one should choose, making exploring the world while working and gaining valuable life experience an understandably preferred option.

What does stay the same is that value and standards need to be maintained; this unequivocally still applies. The work needs to get done, the quality needs to be high and deadlines need to be met. Yet it is now clear that this can still take place and where one is stationed doesn’t matter, as long as the work gets done.

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