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It is a fact that every organisation has collaborators mastering foreign languages, and how often we have to hear how much translation software has improved? So, why spend any money on professional translation services?

The first good reason to work with professional translators is the guarantee on quality. Just imagine that your translated documents contain errors: if you are lucky, your readers will have a good laugh but be aware that it can be much worse when poor translation work causes loss of confidence in your company. It gets even worse when poor translation work leads to missed orders or it leads to lawsuits against you because the translated documents contain wrong data causing damage to third parties.

Outsiders often do not realise the tremendous investments made by professional translators in training and education during many years. This is a never ending effort as they continue to invest in their expertise and knowledge within their particular work areas and domains of expertise.

On top of guaranteed quality, professional translation offices provide a second major advantage: time and speed. The tools and software currently available on the market – most of the time restricted to these professionals – offer customers the advantage on shorter delivery times, lower cost and consistent use of terminology proper to each particular branch or business.

Our conclusion? Asking the help of a professional translation office is a good investment you will not regret. Never forget that prospects and customers will only give you 1 opportunity to get their attention: if your message is perceived as unprofessional or incorrect, you might as well forget it.

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