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Why Spend Money On Translation If We Can Do It Ourselves With Our Own Resources?

Is it a fact that every organisation can manage their own translation needs internally? By using collaborators within the business mastering foreign languages? How often have we heard how much translation software has improved? So, why spend money on professional translation services?

Here are a few good reasons to use a professional translation service

The first good reason to spend money on translation and work with professional translators is the guarantee of quality. Just imagine if your translated documents contained errors.  This would result in if you are lucky your readers just having a good laugh. But it usually doesn’t stop there, it can also affect your reputation, respectability and show your business up in an unprofessional manner. Therefore it is important to be aware that it can be much worse, with poor translation work resulting in loss of confidence in your company. It can even stand to escalate further when poor translation work leads to missed orders (loss of revenue). Or worse still by resulting in a lawsuit against your company due to the translated documents containing incorrect data, causing damage to third parties.

Being aware of the value in professional translations services

Those that are unfamiliar with the translation industry and the depths involved in this work are also unaware of the tremendous investments made by professional translators. With their continual need for training and education over the course of many years, it is often overlooked that this is a never-ending effort, requiring continual improvement of their expertise and knowledge. This is needed for them to stay on top of their specific domain, in their particular areas of work.  The constant need to stay ahead in areas such as new technology, moving trends in the market and of course linguistic developments, is often not taken into consideration.

On top of guaranteed quality, professional translation services provide a second major advantage: time and speed. The tools and software currently available on the market are mostly restricted to the professionals. This enables these companies to offer their customers the advantage of shorter delivery times, lower cost and consistent use of terminology correct to each particular level of business.

Making a good investment for your business

In conclusion, it is clear that outsourcing the help of a professional translation office is a good investment, one that you will not regret. Never forget that when developing prospective business and new customers you will only be given one opportunity to get their attention and pitch your business in the right light. If your message is not strong and clear, perceived as professional and accurate, you will have sacrificed your time and energy. You will have also lost out on what could have become a very lucrative business relationship. By making the right decision in getting the professional help needed, you can be secure in knowledge and have the peace of mind that you are presenting your business to its absolute best potential.

Having the right ethos

If your companies motto has been ‘why get someone else to do something if we can do it ourselves’ in relation to translation, it is definitely time to reevaluate and change things. For all the points we have raised it won’t pay to skimp in this field regardless of having collaborators mastering foreign languages within your organisation. Irrespective of how often we may have heard how much translation software has improved, is it now clear why it’s necessary to spend money on professional translation services. With there no longer being a need to ask ‘should I be using a professional to do my business translations?’ there is no reason for further delay. As you are fully informed, take the steps you need to improve immediately, by making the change today and start reaping the benefits.

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