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Andy was born in the south of London in 1964 and became interested in foreign languages at an early age. He studied Modern Languages (French and Spanish) at Bristol Polytechnic and set off immediately after graduation to embark on a career in TEFL in the heart of Castile, where he lived and worked for two years. Following that, he taught English in Lisbon for major companies for a further two years.

Finally, in 1991, he went to Tarragona, Catalonia, with the idea of spending just one year there — and still lives there to this day.

As a result, he is fluent in Catalan and Spanish and well versed in Portuguese and French, and through teaching lawyers, doctors, businesspeople, customs agents, psychologists, civil servants, chemical plant managers and others, he has gained an insight into a multitude of fields and is thus able to translate an extremely wide variety of texts. Since he moved to Tarragona, he has progressively done less teaching and more translation, becoming a freelancer in 1995.

In his free time, Andy enjoys bird watching, trips to the country, gastronomy and building “castells” or human towers with the Colla Jove Xiquets de Tarragona (  — you have to see it to believe it!

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