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Michaël is a Belgian native and the founder of BeTranslated with Karl. The idea behind BeTranslated is to reach out to a broad market and to offer companies an alternative to traditionally structured translation agencies and/or loose networks of freelance translators.

Active in the translation and web marketing industry since 1999, Michael handles most technical and web related projects. Using his strengths as a website localizer and his web marketing skills, he provides consulting services to customers seeking to translate their website to achieve better rankings in Google.

Born in 1973, Michael graduated from the International School of Translators and Interpreters of Mons in 1997 with a Bachelor of Arts in translation. Michael contributes greatly to the management of BeTranslated, such as Sales and Marketing activities, search engine promotion and project management.

Mike offers English to French translation services and also translates from Dutch and Spanish to French.

He specializes in translations of texts and websites related to marketing, the Internet, software, hardware, geopolitics and telecommunication products. He is trained as a search engine promotion specialist and his creativity is behind the promotion of this website.


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