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Rafael has been a translator and proofreader for 28 years. A linguist with a Master’s Degree in General and Applied Linguistics from Sorbonne University, he has studied, worked and lived in the US (3 years), in two French-speaking countries (12 years), and in three Spanish-speaking countries (50 years). He is thoroughly capable of grasping the contextual, semantic and expressive meaning of the source language and conveying an idiomatic, precise and stylish message in Spanish. He has spent most of his professional life in Mexico (30 years) and he is married to a Mexican writer.

Besides being a full-fledged translator, Rafael is also a teacher of Translation and Linguistics subjects, having worked at various universities in Mexico: National Autonomous University of Mexico, Ibero-American University, Centre for Studies in Applied Linguistics, Institute of Interpreters and Translators. At present, he is member of the faculty of the Master’s Degree of Translation and Interpretation at Anáhuac University.

His knowledge of standard Spanish has allowed him to work for several publishing houses, such as Siglo XXI Editores, National Geographic, Reader’s Digest and Harper’s Bazaar, where it is imperative to render translations adapted to a large readership.

Rafael was Assistant Director of Translation at the Mexican National Banking Commission for three years and further specialized in the areas of finance, banking and accounting.

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