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How much does a translation cost?

BeTranslated provides affordable rates based on the number of words to be translated (what we call the “source text”), requested turnaround time, subject matter and time of the year.

Our per-word prices vary from €0.10 to €0.16, with most projects being charged at €0.12 for volumes of more than 2000 words.

While we are not the cheapest on the market, the fact that we work with senior translators allows us to offer a great value.

To provide you with a reliable and accurate quote, you are kindly requested to send us as much information as possible on your requirements (deadline, source and target languages, the format of the documents, and of course, the text to be translated).

The cost of a translation depends on various factors, the largest ones being the length of the text to be translated, i.e. the number of words and the language pair combination.

In addition to these two variables, the price of a translation can vary substantially according to its subject matter. The more specific and technical the terminology in a translation, the higher the translation rates. For example, the translation of an article on the operation of nuclear reactors will cost more than the translation of a brochure on the best restaurants in London.


Our payment terms are net 30 days. Our standard payment method is direct bank transfer of funds. Rates quoted in our proposal to you are calculated on this basis.

You can pay directly by Wire Transfer, PayPal, Transfer Wise or Skrill.

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