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ICT Translation Services

Translation of IT Documents

Translating documents covering information technology, both hardware and software, is clearly a job for a specialist. IT translations must be accurate, and a translator specialising in IT cannot leave any room for doubt. The IT sector has an obvious international dimension, and English is omnipresent. Only a translator specialising in IT will know which terms to translate and which to leave in English.

Experienced ICT Translators

We are uncompromising in our choice of translators in the field of information and communications technology, and all our specialist translators have prior professional experience. We always allocate the same translators to the same clients to ensure that terminology remains consistent from one project to the next.

Software and IT Translation Services

Software updates require appropriate translation services. Clearly, not everything needs to be re-translated, and we can offer financially advantageous solutions for our regular clients.

Here are a few examples of the main IT translations we carry out regularly for our clients:

  • Documents relating to software and hardware: user manuals, installation manuals, intranet/extranet content, training kits, FAQs for telecommunications companies
  • User interfaces (UX/UI), requests from users to programmers
  • Acceptance (UAT) or compliance (ITT) test scenarios
  • Calls for bids and tender specifications for allocating IT and telecommunications contracts
  • Applications and manuals for cloud computing solutions and security software (VPN, firewall and antivirus)
  • Online games
  • Corporate press releases

A Dedicated Project Manager for IT Translation Projects

Our project managers often contribute to the translation of your IT documents, because our experience shows us that each document is often the basis for several future versions. Intelligent version control enables us to ensure continuity of content.

Contact our professional translation services and we will take care of all your projects in Dutch, French, English, German and other languages efficiently and accurately

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