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Translation of web content

Translating Your Web Content

Today’s social media and content marketing revolution has resulted in a growing need for fresh and readily available content for a wide variety of channels. BeTranslated is here to provide you with flexible and affordable translation services that adapt dynamically to your web content needs.

With your budget in mind, we’ll craft custom solutions to help you produce high-quality content for Belgian, European and global audiences. BeTranslated regularly translates into and from English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Spanish as well as East European and Scandinavian languages.

Blog Posts in the Languages of Your Choice

We understand that you need regular, high-quality content to stay on top of your online marketing game, and we trust that you’ll appreciate the services of a company that can provide you with translations of all your web-based business activities.

BeTranslated translates content such as mailing lists, blog posts, and social media posts and ads with the help of savvy and SEO conscious translation experts.

Send us the content you need translated as Word documents, or export it to any of the common formats (.po files, html, Xliff, CSV or XML) — and we’ll provide you with the translations within your deadlines.

Translation of Mailing List Newsletters into Your Market’s Languages

Are you looking to reach a broad Belgian or European audience with newsletters featuring company business news, product launch announcements, sign-up or social media campaigns — and would like to get your content seamlessly translated into your target market’s language?

No problem — simply export your content into the format of your choice and contact us today!

Translation of Your Website: MS Word, CMS or No CMS?

We’ll be happy to recommend you one of the most popular industry solutions for managing multilingual websites. While we do not handle the technical installation, our consulting services can help you tweak and fine-tune your site to your requirements.

  • Content translated in a word processor: Translating documents in MS Word is our most affordable option for providing you with website translations. If you can export your content into Word, we’ll focus on the content and let you handle the rest.
  • Content translated in your CMS:  We can also assist you with setting up multilingual content management plugins for popular web content management systems such as WordPress. Once successfully installed, the plugin can export your content in a variety of formats that we can work with for our translations.
  • Other website translation formats: We can also handle more complex formats, such as MySQL database dumps or product catalogues. In these cases, we usually prefer working with a CSV export of the database.

Our team is capable of handling most technical file formats. In more complex cases, we collaborate closely with you to make sure we exchange content in formats that result in the best possible workflow. Talk to one of our representatives today and inquire about our web content translation services!

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