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Translation turnaround times

How much time does it take for a translation?

Customers often ask us: How much will my translation take? Although there is no simple answer to that, we’ll give you some indications as to the time we need at BeTranslated to provide you with a quality translation. We respect the deadline that we have suggested based on your agenda, provided that we get timely answers to our queries.

Our translation throughput

Typically, we need 48 hours for up to 2000 words but this depends on style of language and file formats.

The 24 hours is dedicated to finding the translator that best matches your requirements, checking their availability and defining the requirements (style guide, file formating, etc.).

The second 24 hours is used to translate the document and to perform a quality check before delivery the translation back to you. Our average translation speed is 2000 words per day.

We understand that translations are usually urgent, but we appreciate having as much time as possible to provide you with a quality-oriented translation service.

Examples of translation turnaround times

Here are some guidelines for translation of different sizes of documents. Please note that we invoice based on the number of words to be translated and not by characters or lines.

Small documents (500 – 5,000 words)

We generally translate 1,500 – 2,000 words a day. With every project large and small, we perform a quality control to ensure that the document does not contain mistakes, omissions or inaccuracies and that the formatting has been preserved. The earlier we receive your document, the better. Rushing is the worst enemy of quality, which will always remain our main concern.

Medium-sized documents (5,000 to 10,000 words)

When time is lacking on our end, documents ranging from 5,000 to 10,000 words may need to be split between several translators, although this is not an optimal solution. In case we need to have several translators work on the same file, we’ll use special software tools (CAT Tools) to ensure consistency.  It is reasonable to expect the translation of a 5,000-word text within 4 business days and the translation of a 10,000-word document within 7 business days.

Extensive documents (10,000 words and more)

Given our geographical distribution on several continents, we can complete large translation projects by working in teams. Once you have approved a project with us, your project coordinator will source the translation to the most qualified translator available. If possible, we’ll collaborate with a linguist located in a time zone that will allow us to work while you sleep. This comprehensive approach and close collaboration enable us to deliver superior results.

Affordable, quality-oriented translations!

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