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  Today's economy is becoming more and more internationalised. Nowadays you must communicate with colleagues or potential customers who are in other countries and who speak a different language. English is now spoken worldwide, though not always with the same level of expertise: while you may be able to communicate with your non-English colleagues using the language, accepting that there will be times at which not everything will be understood completely, the same approach cannot be used where customers are concerned.

We work with a global network of freelance translators who are able to handle virtually any type of document. Whether your requirements are for translation of commercial documents and business communications, translation of your website into other languages, or help in adapting advertising and marketing materials, your growing business needs a quick, accurate service: BeTranslated can supply it.

At present, website translation is one of the best-value techniques available to reach international markets. It is true that English is one of the most widely spoken second languages, and that people in many countries read and understand English, but cultural differences can result in misunderstandings that get in the way of your message. People also feel more comfortable buying your services and products if you communicate with them in their own language: consider how much more convenient this is for them!

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