Professional Document Translation Services

Document translation services for small, medium-size and large companies

BeTranslated focuses on B2B document translation services. We cater to the needs of small and medium-size businesses, large corporations, and international organisations. Thanks to our extensive network of seasoned translators, we can offer virtually any business document translation services: from internal and external memos, emails, and letters to business plans, shareholder reports and presentations, CVs, loan applications, purchase orders, marketing plans, feasibility studies, white papers, invoices, and executive summaries.

Why choose our translation agency?


Because we work with freelancers worldwide and in multiple time zones, we offer document translation services for a variety of specialisms using our team approach and working effectively “around the clock.”

We always make every effort to keep to the requested deadlines while maintaining an unassailable level of quality, in all file formats from PDF to Excel.



We process your request for a translation quote within hours — every time. Once you contact us with your request, you will receive a confirmation of receipt and a more personalized response within 8 hours.

As soon as we agree on the terms and you send us a signed order form, our expert translators begin translating your documents immediately.

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We work exclusively with professional translators that have many years of experience and specialised knowledge. Our rigorous selection process permits us to retain only the most competent translators.

Thanks to our team of expert linguists and our translation tools, you will receive translations that meet the strictest criteria and quality.



We have many years’ experience working with both large and small companies and international organisations that entrust us with the translation of their financial, legal, and business documents.

We regularly translate documents into global languages such as French, German, Russian, and Portuguese. For more information on our past clients, visit our customer page.

The BeTranslated Approach :

All translators in our network are highly qualified professionals

One of our regional managers receives your request for a translation quote
After you send the quote request form, one of our regional managers will contact you to confirm receipt. We will then establish your precise needs.
You will receive a response within 8 hours
Often, our customers are surprised by our responsiveness. Indeed, it is not uncommon for us to respond within minutes after you send the request for quote form.
Then, we determine the translator who best suits your needs

according to the details of your request. If necessary, we will also provide you with technical assistance.

You will receive the translated documents or files within the agreed deadlines
We follow up on the translation
to verify that it meets your expectations.
If you are satisfied, we will send you an invoice.
If you have feedback, we will make the necessary changes.

Key Facts

We predominantly work for businesses and commercial organisations, not individuals.

We provide quality translations by freelance professionals with expert knowledge of the source and target languages and of the corresponding subject matter. Our translators only translate into their native languages.

We adapt and respond to your requirements with flexible and efficient service.

Any Questions?

Our experienced project managers are here to answer all your questions as they guide you through the process. Get in touch today for more information or a free quote!