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Our translation network operates as a professional translation agency that meets the business needs of major companies, institutions, NGOs, and small and medium businesses. We specialise in a wide variety of European and Asian languages.

Fast, professional, and accurate – the world is your oyster with BeTranslated!

Our range of services


We provide quality IT language solutions for a variety of industries. We have extensive experience translating software strings, HTML pages, help files, interfaces, IT solutions, networks, user guides, technical documentation, handbooks, instruction manuals, data sheets, product information, safety notes, training documents, app translations, software documentation, software handbooks, online games, etc. Our skilled IT translators are highly specialised in their area of expertise.


BeTranslated is a professional translation agency that has worked with a range of international companies on marketing localisation projects. We translate presentations, press releases, catalogues, market research texts, product launch presentations, surveys, websites, multimedia presentations, advertising and promotional material, product packaging, media kits, guidebooks and visitor guides, travel and tourism websites, brochures and flyers, and museum and exhibition guides, among other texts.


Our team of specialised freelance translators are armed with the expert knowledge required to provide accurate translations. The range of services we provide in this field includes tenders, proposals, commercial documents, business correspondence, professional articles, documentation, contracts, reports, balance sheets, protocols, patent specifications, annual and quarterly reports, due diligence reports, annual statements of accounts, and investor information.


Our translations in this sector are supplied by an experienced team of expert translators specialising in diverse technical areas. These include environmental studies, technical user guides, client consultancy, civil engineering and planning, design, contracts, quotations, tenders, project descriptions, technical documentation, technical handbooks, instruction manuals, data sheets, product information, safety notes and training documents.

Our professional translators

German English translator


Heike studied Literary Translation at the Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf. She has worked as a translator and editor for over 15 years and is a member of BDÜ (German association of interpreters and translators). She excels in French and English and is an expert in translation applications and her fields of marketing, media, and business. Since 2010, Heike has taught French to German translation to possible future colleagues at the University of Düsseldorf.

Italian English translator


Valerie has worked as a mother tongue English-Italian freelance translator for the past 20 years specialising in the medical, financial, and legal fields. She translates from Italian, French, and Spanish to English, and English, French, and Spanish to Italian, and she holds an MA in Translation Studies awarded with merit from the University of Portsmouth, UK.

French English translator


Lucy lived and worked in Paris for 15 years where she taught English to engineering students at a grande école before joining UNESCO. She has worked as a full-time French-to-English (UK) translator for over twenty years and is a member of the Chartered Institute of Linguists. She specialises in a range of fields including international development, policies, research, NGOs, and education and training.

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Our prices depend on several factors: delivery deadlines, volume, whether it is a one-off or an ongoing project for which translation memories can be set up, etc.

We guarantee that we will meet your deadline, provided that our lines of communication remain open.

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