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English-Portuguese translation will boost your international turnover

Business in Portugal is booming, with a growth of almost 3%, and the country is reporting falling unemployment; an amazing turnaround following their economic crisis.

Recent social reforms – raising the minimum wage, pensions, and family allowances – have benefitted Portuguese people, therefore, making a big impact on increasing consumption figures.

Portugal is breaking records every year in terms of its tourism and catering industry, putting the country in the spotlight of the European economy. Portuguese translation makes perfect sense for your business!

Many international companies are choosing to establish bases in Portugal, for the development and growing expansion of their companies. Things are going well!

Portuguese is the new language to focus on
Since the end of the economic crisis of 2008, Portugal has become one of the most favoured countries for many European startup companies setting up shop in order to offer their services.

We know that other Portuguese-speaking countries, Brazil being the most prominent, are also large economic centres of attraction. Now is a great time to expand your business into the Portuguese-speaking market, and quality English-Portuguese translation is key to this venture.

It is therefore obvious that translations of websites, other marketing materials, or technical documents into Portuguese is of great economic benefit, particularly for many British companies. It is clear that the demand for Portuguese is on the increase, so hiring a trustworthy translation service could put you one step ahead of the competition.

Portuguese: a wide-reaching language
Translating your website into Portuguese will not only open doors to this promising market, but will also allow your company to offer its services to more than 220 million Portuguese speakers worldwide, including 200 million in Brazil alone.

The term Lusophone, referring to the Roman province that covered most of modern Portugal, encorporates the set of cultural identities, regions, countries, and communities linked to the Portuguese language. That’s not just Portugal and Brazil, but also Cape Verde, Guinea-Bissau, Macao, Mozambique, Sao Tome and Principe, and East Timor.

Once translated into Portuguese, your MS Word or PDF documents, newsletters, blogs, or brochures will reach an up-and-coming, flourishing market.

A strong network of leading English-Portuguese translators

Over the years, BeTranslated has built a vast international network of professional translators able to broadcast your commercial content to a demanding Portuguese audience.

Encompassing the diverse Portuguese-speaking community, and handling the subtleties and nuances between European and Brazilian Portuguese and the many other linguistic and cultural variants precisely, these linguistic experts know how to find the perfect words to reach your target audience.

With their professional background and industry know-how, translators from BeTranslated are ideally placed to offer English companies an impeccable human translation service for Portugal or Brazil.

Solutions adapted to your specific translation needs

Whether you require technical, legal, or commercial translations, our agency is at your disposal. We make every effort to fully understand your needs, taking into account your requirements in terms of time and budget.

As well as being professional linguists, all of our translators are experts in their specific fields. In addition, they are knowledgeable about and sensitive to cultural differences between the source and target countries. Our translations are specifically tailored to your needs.

At a time when trade with Portugal and Brazil is in full swing, the ROI of a good high-quality English-Portuguese translation is priceless, both economically and strategically speaking.

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