Translation Customers

Who are our customers?

Our clients are typically companies who contact us with a specific requirement. As a rule, they are people or businesses who know the value of time and will not be satisfied with a below-par translation, but who, quite rightly, do not wish to pay an exorbitant price.

As a business ourselves, we are fully aware that the professional world needs quick and accurate responses to business inquiries, which is why we pride ourselves on answering all questions as quickly and as precisely as possible.

Marketing & Events


Galerie Hervé Lancelin

Galerie Hervé Lancelin is an art gallery in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, founded by Hervé Lancelin in 2014. Lancelin has been sharing his passion for art for over 30 years and is one of the most important contemporary art collectors in Europe.


Vanksen is a communications company that collaborates with many big names. They offer these brands their global, integrated solutions, as well as their complementary expertise in consultancy and strategy, traffic acquisition, e-CRM and social CRM, and more.


Noosphere Brand Strategy is a fast-growing, young, and dynamic advertising company. They have an impressive client portfolio to be proud of, including prestigious names such as Audi, Delhaize, Mr. Bricolage, Ici Paris XL, and Porsche.

Business/Commerce (General)


Awex BEP

AWEX is the Wallonia Export-Investment Agency for Belgium’s Walloon Region. The department is charged with promoting foreign trade and welcoming international investors.



Aspen Aerogels

Aspen Aerogels is a leading American company that designs, manufactures, and markets innovative, high-performance aerogel insulation used primarily in large-scale energy infrastructure facilities. Their main products are Cryogel®, Pyrogel®, and Spaceloft.

Aspen also works actively to develop applications for the construction, automotive, and fuel cell markets.

Aerogel is even used by NASA, which uses it in astronauts’ spacesuits to protect them against heat.

BeTranslated has a long-standing relationship with Aspen aerogels, having translated large numbers of technical handbooks and safety data sheets from English into Spanish, French, German, Italian, Hindi, Portuguese, Thai, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish, Chinese, Korean, and Polish for the company since 2004.


TMS – Training Media System

TMS is a French company that specialises in writing and selling training manuals for future plane and helicopter pilots.

The CEO of TMS contacted BeTranslated in 2015 with a request to translate some of its manuals from French to English, in order to sell them to an English-speaking audience. As BeTranslated was already working on this subject matter for Dassault-Falcon Jet, we had several resources available in this domain.

We built a team of specialised translators and were able to translate approximately 130,000 words (about 450 pages) in a very short turnaround time. In March 2016, we launched the second phase of this project, adding French to German translations.

Besides translation skills, this task requires a high level of expertise in this very specific subject matter. We collaborated with translators who were fascinated by aviation and aircraft, some of them even pilots themselves.

Infomation Technology & High Tech



InterSystems is a world leader in designing advanced technology for managing, connecting and analysing data. Their systems help their clients to innovate in various industries:

– Healthcare (including hospitals and healthcare facilities in the US and worldwide).

– Financial services (including major global financial institutions).

– Administration and public services ( i.e. national and local government and local authorities).

– Other industries requiring high-performance, reliable software.

Their main products are Caché, Ensemble, HealthShare, TrackCare, DeepSee and iKnow.

BeTranslated has been translating their marketing brochures and case studies between English, French and Dutch since 2008.



IDtech is a Belgian company located in the beautiful region of Namur. They develop and market innovative custom solutions covering access control, visitor management, time management and building security.

Their software is based on three main areas: access control, recording and analysis of work hours, and alarm system management.

IDtech was one of BeTranslated’s very first customers in 2002, when they only needed translations into English. Since then, the company has been expanding its commercial network and has opened an office in the northern part of the country meaning that they now also need their documents translated to Dutch.

The translations we provide for IDtech range from website content to commercial documents and user guides for their software.

computer center

Computacenter France

Computacenter offers its clients – including British Gas, the German region of North Rhine-Westphalia, Thélem Assurances, various educational institutions, and many more – solutions for their every possible need.

From efficient, secure networks, customised to their mobile requirements (including migrations to mobile systems) to new LAN data centre designs adapted for simplified topologies (virtualisation mechanisms, protocol convergence, automation etc.).

Computacenter also offers services to optimise and enhance application availability.

BeTranslated has worked for Computacenter since 2013. The bulk of our projects with the company have been translating technical, administrative, and legal texts between English and French.


Arrow Electronics

Arrow Electronics is a global provider of products, services, and solutions to industrial and commercial users of electronic components as well as enterprise computing solutions. Arrow serves as a supply channel partner for more than 100,000 original equipment and contract manufacturers and commercial customers through a global network of more than 460 locations in 56 countries.

As a specialised retailer, Arrow can be the single supplier of everything a company needs, from electronic components to a full technical application. They supply a wide range of products and are a one-stop shop for the latest technologies.

BeTranslated has translated many documents (commercial presentations, training documents, technical texts, press releases) to French, English, German, Italian, Spanish, Traditional and Simplified Chinese, Japanese, and Korean for this industry giant since 2008.




In continental Europe, everyone has heard about the famous Wonderbox gift boxes. Whether you opt for a holiday in your own country or abroad, if you’re looking for quality destinations, gastronomy or a wellness retreat, you can’t go wrong with the extensive Wonderbox range!

We translate for the Wonderbox offices in Belgium, France, Switzerland, Spain and Italy, mostly from French into Dutch, Spanish, German and Italian, but also from Spanish to French and Dutch, and from Italian to French. The translations mostly comprise descriptions of hotels and restaurants and travel details for the booklets in their coveted boxes or for their various websites. We also provide them with proofreading services in these languages.

euro tunnel

Eurotunnel Le Shuttle

Do you feel like a short trip across the Channel? The best value for money is, without doubt, the Eurostar, whether for a city break or a business commitment.

Thanks to the Channel Tunnel, Paris, not to mention Lille and Brussels, awaits you! If you are on the continent, travelling to and from London is of course just as affordable.

BeTranslated has been translating marketing content for this prestigious railway shuttle service since 2012. Our talented translators, specialising in travel and tourism, translate their website and newsletters from French and English to Dutch.



Baron Groupe

Baron Groupe designs and builds specialised machinery and production lines for the pharmaceutical, automotive, luxury goods and aeronautical sectors. Thanks to its cutting-edge technology, Baron is a world leader in its line of business.

BeTranslated has translated thousands of pages in a wide range of languages – such as French to English, Spanish, Portuguese, Slovak, Hungarian and English to Simplified Chinese – for this client. The texts include technical documents about specialised machinery or production lines (computer-integrated manufacturing, robotic applications etc.), all custom-produced for clients all over the world, as well as administrative documents.


Vinci Construction

The name might not immediately ring a bell, but VINCI is a world leader in infrastructure and building, employing more than 185,000 people in approximately 100 countries. VINCI has four main areas of activity: VINCI Concessions, Eurovia, VINCI Construction, and VINCI Energies. Famous for building highways all around the world, in 2014 they had a turnover of 39,043 billion Euros.

BeTranslated’s expert translators, specialising in the construction sector, have been providing translation services to Vinci Construction, since 2008. We mostly concentrate on translating technical documents about hydroelectric plants from French to English.