How to Soar with a Startup Business

Do you want to create a higher turnover for your Startup business?

Every business owner’s main aim is to increase turnover by developing a more profitable business. With a startup, there are many ways we can recommend going about this. Here we will state the main components to focus your resources on.

Startups, small developing businesses are continually on the rise, cultivating young entrepreneurs. The movement towards the growing success of location independent businessmen and women, who can work solo from portable devices, is shifting how we do business. Added to, the ease of low-cost travel and the capacity to trade commodity and product globally. In this millennial era, there will be a consistent rise in the number of small personalised private companies we see evolve and prosper.

How to make a startup competitive

The power of social media has enabled this to flow and grow at a pretty pace. Creating a method of developing business models unique to this generation. This area is one that every business should be cashing in on, as everything is now digital and online.

With the business market changing rapidly and new trends emerging frequently it pays to stay in tune. There are new tools and skills to learn constantly take advantage of their availability. This will benefit both your clients and increase profits.  

With these changes brings about more opportunities to source new innovative niche products or services. For those ready to seize the chance of creating a successful new company they are also arising regularly.

Do you know the value of outsourcing?

Small companies need support and it is crucial for this to be outsourced in certain areas. There will come a time, where all divisions of a startup business won’t be manageable for a single person or small team alone. It doesn’t mean to say this needs to be tackled by directly employing more staff.  Recognising this necessity and establishing the areas to take on extra help is vital. Alternative ways to deal with this are by either contracting external companies or, this is an ideal area for freelancers to come into play they can be a large part of what helps take a business to the next level.

Evaluate your strengths and weaknesses

As individuals we all have different skills sets and will require assistance in different areas, it pays to recognise your strengths and weaknesses. Each business type will also naturally have their individual specific needs.  But there are some generic areas we would urge all small businesses to focus on. These being, to take the steps to extend your sales and services to the global market. The best areas to start with are the use of a good shipping company, a professional translation service company and some strong individually suited marketing.

Three easy viable steps

Here are 3 keys elements, to help pave the path for this area of growth.  To encourage the ongoing success of your flourishing venture we have these simple recommendations as a starting point.

This basic strategy can attribute to some outstanding results for any new business that’s ready to break into the global markets and set to plan for major growth.

1. Expand your market by providing your offer in alternative languages

Translate content, including your website. To have your offer available in different languages, check out our website We supply a personable service, tailored to individual client requirements and have a team of specialist translators with knowledge in a vast range of fields, we produce a quality product and supply a result adapted especially to your needs, which is delivered complete and comprehensible.   See below why this is such an important feature for any company.

2. Reach new clients through strong marketing

Use affiliate marketing, source bloggers and influencers that are suitable and aligned with your product, who have the reach to your potential customers.  The value of this line of marketing is in you only pay for the results you receive. These marketers use free channels of social media to promote through; these well establish platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest have been of tremendous benefit to company’s traffic, customer awareness and profits, powering their success.  Could the social media platform Vero now be the one to watch as a new contender in this area?

3. Ensure you can get the product to the customer effectively

Include worldwide shipping. For UK based company’s we recommend using:

The strength in employing a professional Translation Service Company

With this is being one of the biggest resources to utilise; it is a fundamental way to broaden the horizons of any new or established enterprise, starting simply with the translation of a company’s website.  This opens up business opportunities to a worldwide market and the benefits of tapping into globalization. To maximise on profits, prioritising investing in the translation of your website is the wisest decision to make.  Be a leader, widen your client base, market appeal and connect to other nations, translating ensures that you’re not isolating parts of a potential market.

What is there to wait for, get growing today!

7 Key Things To Consider Before Proceeding With Your Next B To B Translation

7 Key Things to Consider Before Proceeding with Your Next B to B Translation

If your goal is to expand your company and take your business beyond domestic markets there are several key things to take into account. The best strategy to pursue, to tap into these international markets specifically those that are not predominantly English speakers, is to present your product clearly and succinctly.

Delivering your message and portraying your brand to this global market as concisely as you have offered your merchandise or service to your home (English-speaking) market is of utmost importance.

Lazy Monolingual English Speakers

Lazy Monolingual English Speakers

Is it safe to say that the English are lazy when it comes to languages? 

People from the UK, us Brits, often get a lot of flak for only speaking one language. This could be attributed to the simple fact we have the beauty of knowing English is a universal language. It is usually spoken wherever we go, by so many different nationalities. Giving us good reason just not to have the same drive to become bilingual. Because we don’t have that pressing need to motivate us and a necessary cause for it, it results in us being labelled as lazy.

What Is BeTranslated?

What is BeTranslated?

Established in 2002, BeTranslated works as a decentralised team of professionals (freelancer translators are spread out in different European, Asian and North and South American countries) that efficiently distributes translations according to the availability, specialisation, expertise and resources of our team members.

Why A Translation Company Can’t Be Replaced By Google!

Why a Translation Company Can’t be Replaced by Google!

Professional translator or translation app?

If you want the job done properly, there’s only one way to proceed with your translation needs, there’s no comparison or decision to be made. It will be the best decision you could make for your business growth and to become a multinational platform. This is paramount now in the ever decreasing size of the business market. Taking on a translation company is the key to building stronger, better relationships with current overseas clients and branching out to make new ones.

How The Millennial Generation Work

How the Millennial Generation Work

How working life used to be

When our grandparents and parents grew up work ethics were very different. They were told to work hard put their heads down, get through the daily grind and this would result in success and a happy, fulfilling life.

The aspiration was to hold down a job making it a stable career and work 9-5 to support a family. Buying a nice car, mortgaging a house and having children was what to strive for. Taking a two week holiday abroad was a luxury reserved for the upper class alone and later became the aim for most.

8 Top Spots For The Location Independent Professional

8 Top Spots for the Location Independent Professional

Yo Yo Yo where should you go?

Looking for the best country to become a location independent professional or work as a freelance translator? There’s a big wide world out there, let’s have a look at where to start. Being free to work from anywhere is the dream many aspire to, once you have taken the plunge, decided to leave your 9-5 and are free to live and work anywhere, how do you know which are the best travel destinations to suit your digital nomadic lifestyle? Here’s how you can decide where you could head off to once you pack up your laptop, beach attire and summer clothes.

10 Foods That Brits Miss When They’re Abroad

10 Foods That Brits Miss When They’re Abroad

Are We All Just Creatures of Habit?

We all love a holiday and getting to enjoy the many wonderful new delicacies we can experience while being abroad. Such as tucking into a delicious paella or tasty empanada when in Spain, sweating over a nice and spicy hot curry in India, there are always noodles by the bowl full in China and South East Asia to savour. While we are away from home and our regular diet, despite the new and delicious foods on offer there always seems to be a selection of typical British culinary delights that we miss. The products from England that we crave that can offer us some home comforts.

The Advantages Gifted To Bilingual Kids!

The Advantages Gifted to Bilingual Kids!

Bright, brainy, bilingual kids

Bringing up bilingual children can lead to all sorts of advantages. You are setting them up with the potential to always be one step ahead, the benefits are plentiful. The younger they start the better, for ease and speed of not only picking up the language but also mastering the accent like it was their mother tongue.

10 Apps And Sites For Remote Freelancing

10 Apps and Sites for Remote Freelancing

How to Start Up as a Remote Worker Telecommuting

Getting started

This usually takes some perseverance. Getting clients without any previous experience tends to mean offering a really competitive rate. Some of the apps below work on a points and recommendation basis, so the feedback from previous clients are the testimony that you are a great person for the job, can be relied upon to deliver what’s required and within the deadlines set.

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