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10 Apps And Sites For Remote Freelancing

10 Apps and Sites for Remote Freelancing

How to Start Up as a Remote Worker Telecommuting

Getting started

This usually takes some perseverance. Getting clients without any previous experience tends to mean offering a really competitive rate. Some of the apps below work on a points and recommendation basis, so the feedback from previous clients are the testimony that you are a great person for the job, can be relied upon to deliver what’s required and within the deadlines set. Starting off with a low rate to increase your chances of getting jobs is advisable; it allows you to build up a portfolio of previous work with positive feedback which enables you to command more, as your work level and experience grows and speaks for itself. Then you will attract higher paying clients.

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Translation Schools In Belgium

Translation schools in Belgium

What training courses are there in Belgium for future translators? As you can imagine, this is not a profession that can be improvised – it requires solid foundations. In Belgium, translation schools are flourishing all over the country, training hundreds of professional translators every year.

In recent years, translation training in Belgium has become an academic subject taught in universities over five years (a bachelor’s degree in three years and a master’s in two). This is due to the Marcourt decree, which stipulates that all master’s courses in translation and interpreting should be university degrees. We have drawn up a list of the main Belgian universities teaching translation.

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