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Translation of web content

Website Translation

A large number of companies and associations have already realized the advantages of providing either a partial or complete translation of their website.

We believe a translation of the entire website is preferable, though you may instead decide that you wish to have translated only those core pages on which your international offerings are highlighted.

Choosing some key pages for translation might be an alternative solution that fits your requirements.

In general, we approach the translation of your website in one of two ways. You may either choose to send us the content which is to be translated, having removed all encoding or markup languages (.txt, .doc, .rtf), or we can translate directly from the source files (.asp, .htm(l), .php, .xml, java, amongst others).

In this second case, we download your website, execute a word count, and then send you our findings. You may then accept this word count, or decide to delete any unnecessary files, so we can confirm the final price.

We are happy to translate text from the source code if you prefer. Please note, however, that since the translation process is slower and a quality audit is required, we are obliged to add a 20% surcharge compared to simple text translation.

For translation of any graphical elements involved (.jpg, .gif, .png, Flash, Illustrator, Director), the translation can either be delivered to you in an Excel spreadsheet for in-house localisation of the content, or we can accomplish the task ourselves using an external DTP (desktop publishing) expert or webmaster.

If you would rather leave this job to us, you can simply send us the source files (.psd, .fla, ai, png, etc.) and we will make sure that all the graphics files are correctly adapted.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for a free translation quote.

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