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With over 20 years of experience, our translation services provide punctual, precise, and dependable language solutions for all your communication requirements. Whether you need document translation, website localisation, or interpretation services, our seasoned professionals ensure that your message is effectively communicated across cultural and linguistic barriers.

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BeTranslated is a premium translation agency dedicated to meeting the language needs of businesses, both small and large, across Europe and beyond. No matter your demands, rest assured that our extensive network of skilled translators is at your service.

Our team is readily available to deliver translation solutions of the very highest level. Being a fully remote, professional translation firm enables us to provide quality language services at competitive and affordable prices.

Highly experienced project managers

Our customers appreciate the responsiveness of our project managers, whose customer care skills and attention to detail are second to none. Our unique selling point is that at our translation agency, all of our project managers are either former, or current translators themselves, giving them a deep insight into the challenges posed by the translation process.

Meet our experienced team, Michael, Jean-François, Alicia, Marián, Suzy, Anna, Maral, and others.

Express delivery of quality translations

At BeTranslated we guarantee a fast and professional service from beginning to end. The process begins with a translation quote from us, following your initial request, and ends with the delivery of a high-quality translation that is perfectly tailored to your specific needs.

Our clients can rest assured that their projects will only be placed in the trusting hands of skilled translators with significant experience in the field, and will be edited by a qualified third party.

Satisfied Customers

Our clients value the reactivity of our project managers, their meticulousness, and their attention to detail. Our unique selling proposition is that everyone, including all of our project managers, has previously, or still continues to work as translators themselves. We also deliver translations as swiftly as possible, by entrusting our clients’ projects to a skilled and experienced team of expert translators.


Introducing our creative and professional team

We take immense pride in providing outstanding translation services to our esteemed clients. Our team of committed professionals is always prepared to deliver high-quality translations customised to your particular needs. Our clients depend on, and value the attentiveness and efficiency of our expert project managers, who possess excellent customer care skills and an unparalleled attention to detail. What sets us apart is our unique approach; each of our project managers has a background as a former or current translator, granting them a deep understanding of the complexities and challenges of the translation process. Allow us to present our experienced team!

Michael Bastin

Founder, CEO

Alicia Boronat García

Project Manager

Jean-François Bunouf

Co-owner, VP of Sales

Suzy Torosyan

Project Manager


Professional Translation Services

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Business & Finance
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High Tech & IT
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Industry & Construction
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Marketing & Sales
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Travel & Tourism
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Translation of Professional Documents

Translation of Professional Documents

Whether you require translation of a solitary page, an extensive user manual in PDF format, or a presentation for a conference, our experienced content translation experts know how to cater to your business necessities.

Our pledge: to provide you with high quality translations promptly, and at a cost that accommodates your budget. We react swiftly to your enquiries, honour your deadlines, and provide professional language services at competitive prices.

Website Translation Services

Website Translation Services

Translating your website is vital for extending your business into new markets. Whilst extending your online presence has never been more straightforward, conveying messages in a manner that resonates with native speakers and is sonorous in each market, still requires the expertise of language specialists. That's where our role comes into play.

A precise translation of your web content and blog articles is crucial to attracting customers in new markets and converting potential leads.

Business Translation Services

Business & Finance Translation Services

Our team of specialised freelance translators are armed with the expert knowledge required to provide accurate translations.

The range of services we provide in the business field includes tenders, proposals, commercial documents, business correspondence, professional articles, documentation, contracts, reports, balance sheets, protocols, patent specifications, annual and quarterly reports, due diligence reports, annual statements of accounts, and investor information.

High Tech & IT Translation Services

High Tech & IT Translation Services

Our translation agency provides quality IT language solutions for a variety of industries. We have extensive experience translating software strings, HTML pages, help files, interfaces, IT solutions, networks, user guides, handbooks, instruction manuals, data sheets, product information, safety notes, training documents, app translations, software documentation, software handbooks, online games, etc.

Our skilled IT translators are highly specialised in their area of expertise.

Industry & Construction Translation Services

Industry & Construction Translation Services

Our translations in the technical sector are supplied by an experienced team of expert translators specialising in diverse technical areas.

These include environmental studies, technical user guides, client consultancy, civil engineering and planning, design, contracts, quotations, tenders, project descriptions, technical documentation, technical handbooks, instruction manuals, data sheets, product information, safety notes and training documents.

Marketing & Sales Translation Services

Marketing & Sales Translation Services

BeTranslated is a professional translation agency that has worked with a range of international companies on marketing localisation projects.

We specialise in delivering precise and engaging translations of presentations, press releases, catalogues, market research texts, product launch presentations, surveys, websites, multimedia presentations, advertising and promotional material, product packaging, and media kits, taking into account linguistic subtleties and cultural nuances.

Tourism & Travel Translation Services

Travel & Tourism Translation Services

Our Travel & Tourism Translation Services are crafted to enhance global travel experiences and promote international tourism. We offer accurate translations of travel guidebooks and visitor guides, travel and tourism websites, brochures and flyers, and museum and exhibition guides, among other texts.

Our services not only facilitate effective communication with global travellers, but also foster a deeper understanding of local cultures and traditions.

Legal Translation Services

Legal Translation Services

Our translation agency offers professional legal translation services which are tailored to your individual needs.

We can assist with any legal documents, including legal contracts, immigration documents, patents and trademarks, business documents, property documents, insurance documents, and more.

With the help of our expertise, and our extensive database filled with specialised terminology, we ensure that your documents are translated with the highest level of accuracy and professionalism.


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1 North Grove, 9 Stainbeck Lane, Leeds LS7 3PJ, UK

What Happens Next?

Request a Quote
Request a Quote

One of our regional managers will receive your request for a translation quote.


A member of BeTranslated will respond to you within a couple of hours.

Assessing Your Project
Assessing Your Project

We match your project to the translator who best meets your needs according to the details of your request.


You will receive the translated files within the agreed-upon deadline.

Follow-up & Invoicing
Follow-up & Invoicing

Once you are satisfied with your translation, we will send you your invoice.