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BeTranslated is a professional international translation agency which has a network of professional French translators located all around the world. Our translators either work by themselves, or in teams, catering for a large variety of sectors.

We pride ourselves on providing affordable, high-quality French translation services. Thanks to our unique agency structure and workflow, we streamline costs to offer you top language services at very affordable rates.

From PDF translations, to website localisation, we work with all formats, always maintaining a dialogue with our clients, ensuring that we meet their needs to the best of our ability.

French Translation Services

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Standard French translation services

Our translations are usually carried out into French from France, unless you request otherwise. France being one of Europe’s largest economies, it is easy to understand why translating into Metropolitan French is so important. Our qualified translators are all native speakers and provide you with a fluently-written, high-quality final translation.

Translate into Canadian French (Québec)

Due to its historical and geographical separation from France several centuries ago, the French language spoken in Canada varies significantly from the French spoken in France, Belgium, or Switzerland.

We understand the importance of regional differences in French translation, therefore only French Canadian translators will be assigned to your French Canadian projects.

French translation services for Belgium and Switzerland

While France has by far the highest number of native French speakers in Europe, we mustn’t forget about Switzerland and Belgium. Although Metropolitan French is universally accepted and understood in these countries, there may be cases where a Swiss-French or Belgian translator would be recommended. Differences can be minor, but the devil is in the details.

French: a major language for international organisations

French is widely used by international organisations such as the UN, the European Union, Interpol, and the Red Cross. Translations for international organisations are usually expected to be done in a neutral version of French that would seem just as natural to a French, Belgian, Swiss, or North African reader. This is referred to as International French or Universal French.


French interpreting services

Interpreting services play a crucial role in today’s globalised environment, connecting languages and cultures in real-time communication. They are essential for facilitating clear and effective dialogue across diverse sectors, including business, medical, legal, and governmental interactions.

Our French interpreting services enhance our translation offerings, providing specialised support tailored for diverse professional environments such as corporate meetings, legal settings, online conferences and healthcare consultations.

Our expert interpreters excel in both consecutive and simultaneous interpretation, proficiently navigating sector-specific terminology and the subtleties of French cultural nuances.

We offer versatile on-site and remote interpretation options to suit our clients’ logistical requirements, ensuring seamless real-time communication across language barriers.

Equipped with top-tier technology for flawless service and maintaining strict confidentiality and professionalism, we enable clients to communicate effectively and confidently, whether face-to-face or through digital platforms.

Our French Translators in The Spotlight

French Translator
English to French Copywriter and Translator

A graduate in translation from the University of Liège in Belgium, Lola translates from Spanish into French, as well as from English into French, in a wide range of fields. Her skills are highly appreciated by clients seeking a high editorial level in the tourism and travel sector. She is also a true master in the art of SEO writing, an essential skill in today’s digital world.

French Translator
French Technical Translator

Originally from the south of France, Frédéric has both French and Argentinean nationality. After studying industrial engineering, he worked for 10 years as a systems engineer in various countries, combining his professional qualifications with his taste for travel. Frédéric translates from English and Spanish, and specialises in technical, IT, and tourism translation.

French Translator
English to French IT Translator

Arnaud holds a master’s degree in linguistics, translation studies, literature, and Anglo-Saxon civilisation from the University of Nantes, as well as a degree in French as a Foreign Language from the University of Grenoble. He translates from English into French for the following areas: tourism, new technologies, lifestyle, geopolitics, and literature.

French Translator
Experienced Financial Translator

Rafael has been a translator and proofreader for more than 30 years, as well as a diplomat for 19 years. He has studied, worked, and lived in the US, two French-speaking countries (Sorbonne University), and three Spanish-speaking countries. Having been Assistant Director of Translation at the Mexican National Banking Commission for three years, he further specialised in financial translation.


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