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Freelance translators working with end customers

BeTranslated was established by two translators who had the idea of offering the same service as a traditional translation agency, with lower prices.

The secret? The Internet means people can work from wherever they like, while remaining in close contact with colleagues.

Traditional centralisation is done away with, in favour of a division of skills. There is no need to pay full-time project leaders or secretaries; we work with experienced freelancers who are paid per project. Everybody benefits (and you, our customer, most of all).

We have at our disposal skills spread across the globe, meaning a project may be managed from the Dominican Republic, with translators in Belgium, France and Australia, for an international body with its administration located in Great Britain and its accounting in Switzerland (a real-life example).

Having developed an international network, we have decided to localise our services to meet our customers’ needs on the local level.


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