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Business Translation Services

Commercial Translation Professionals Focusing on Business Clients

In a country like Belgium, where international trade is very important, it is vital to be able to communicate in multiple languages.

BeTranslated’s translation services can help businesses with all aspects of multilingual communication.

Professional Translations in All Main European Languages

Offering your content in several languages provides definite benefits when it comes to targeting new markets and communicating with your commercial partners and suppliers.

If you are looking for a service provider for your commercial translations in all main European and Asian languages, BeTranslated is your partner of choice.

Our dedicated commercial translation project managers will work to meet your deadlines and within the budget you have set.

Translations for All of Your Commercial Activities

Your website and all business documents must be available in the languages spoken in your target markets — period. Obviously, translating your website into commercial English is an important first step. Offering your content in German, Dutch and other languages will enable you to reach even more customers.

Using a translation agency to translate your professional and commercial documents or the content of your website is an investment that will produce results in the short, medium and long term.

Translators with Subject Matter Experience

BeTranslated is regularly entrusted with projects involving a wide variety of business documents. On behalf of demanding professional clients, our project managers and translators work on documents such as:

  • Contracts
  • Website contents and web pages
  • Internal and external communications, correspondence, press releases
  • Brochures and advertising materials
  • Tender documents
  • Regulations, statutes, human resources documents, training materials
  • Annual reports
  • Business and development plans

High-Quality Commercial Translations

How many times have you shaken your head at poorly translated websites or marketing and sales documents? Communication between international companies must be carried out by qualified translators with in-depth knowledge of the markets you are targeting.

It is up to you to conquer new markets and increase your revenues — and we give you the tools you need!

Put your trust in us while you concentrate on your core business. Translation is our profession and our passion, and our professional translators are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals.

Contact us about commercial translation services and we will take care of all your projects in Dutch, English, French, German, as well as many other languages.

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