Translation for the travel sector

The tourism industry is the world’s number one economic sector and is expanding rapidly. In 2005, almost 800 million tourists from many different countries made international trips (source WTO: World Tourism Organization). By 2020, the number of tourists is expected to double, reaching a total of 1.6 billion travellers. This is why it is important, perhaps even essential, to communicate in the language of these travellers.

With BeTranslated’s translation services, you can communicate in multiple languages and generate greater interest in your products and services.

By having your website, brochures and other documentation translated into different languages, you will keep yourself well ahead of your competitors.

BeTranslated’s translators can also offer expertise in the following areas:

Sustainable tourism


Equitable tourism




Business tourism

When handling translations of tourism-related texts, travel destination presentations, tourism websites, etc., BeTranslated carefully selects its translators based on:

Their professional experience in the tourism, travel and leisure sector


Their cultural and geographical background, according to the translation's target audience, and their knowledge of the relevant tourist attractions

As a result, you will always receive an accurate, appropriate translation.

BeTranslated is able to meet your exact translation requirements, whether you are a:

Travel agency

Transport provider

Tourism website

Tour operator

Museum or archaeological site

Tourist guide or event organiser

Food and/or wine guide publisher

Tourism brochure or travel guide publisher

Hotel or other accommodation provider

Organisation promoting a region, culture, historical event or natural environment

The process of translating tourism, travel and leisure documentation requires both in-depth cultural knowledge and practical, professional experience. With its unique expertise and its international network of specialist tourism translators, BeTranslated always provides its customers with precise, accurate translations.

Professional Translators Working with BeTranslated



Jean-François joined the BeTranslated team at the beginning of 2007 as a translator and manager of the French-speaking regions of Belgium and Luxembourg. He translates from English, Dutch and Spanish to French. He specialises in marketing, education, development cooperation, sports and – last but not least – the once very popular discipline of poker.


Veronique was born in Courtrai in West Flanders and graduated with a degree in translation from the University of Ghent in 2004. With extensive experience in a number of fields (legal, commercial, technical and more), Véronique delivers high-quality translations, respecting her clients’ wishes to the letter. She translates English and Spanish to Dutch.


Sabine graduated from the University of Ghent in 1990 with a degree in Germanic philology (Dutch/English) and immediately began her career with a major Belgian telecommunications company. She stayed for over ten years working as a sales assistant in a multilingual environment. Fluent in English, French and German, she also speaks a little Swedish and Italian.

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