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Learn About What We Do At BeTranslated

What makes us unique as a Translation Service?

Established in 2002, BeTranslated works as a decentralised team of professionals. We are a group of freelancer translators that are spread out across different European and Asian countries plus in both North and South America. We efficiently supply a translation service according to the availability, specialisation, expertise and resources of our team members, matched to our client’s needs.

What puts us at an advantage as translators?

Our mix of geographical locations provides us with a unique advantage. This allows us to use the time zone differences in our favour to benefit our clients. Enabling us to not only meet the tightest deadlines, but we can also hold a deeper understand and connect with the various cultural and language requirements needed. This helps us to cater for the variation in the client base that we serve and to enable a worldwide reach.

BeTranslated is very flexible and our company prides itself on collaborating with those who value quality.  We offer a work environment made up of mutual respect and we consist of a team who are good at communicating openly.

The Service we offer our clients at BeTranslated

Our Methodology

  • We have representatives in different countries and allocate translators that are the best fit for our client’s needs.  They are usually selected based on being the translator that’s nearest to the client’s location and as they are the ones possessing the right expertise in the languages required. They will be the contact and obtain the client’s precise project spec and details.
  • The core members of our network which are fitting to the business will discuss a project to evaluate its needs. Then provide the client with a comprehensive quote.
  • Based on the specifics of a job, we will assign the freelance translator who matches these needs the best. This might be a specialist in website translation, or perhaps a linguist dedicated to the field of IT or telecommunications. Our linguists are always fully supported by our technical resources to provide a top quality translation.
  • We deliver the requested documents or files on schedule (whatever the format), completing the work on time.
  • We always follow up with our clients to check that everything is as required and that they are happy with the service/s we have provided.
  • If there are comments or alterations to be made, we will act on these and make any necessary changes. Upon confirmation of satisfaction, an invoice will be issued for payment.
  • All our translators are highly qualified professionals. We can cater to most types of translations and with clear guidelines plus a reasonable deadline we will ensure that all of our clients are impressed and delighted with our work.

We look forward to the opportunity of wowing you with what we do and in welcoming you as a new client at BeTranslated. Got a translation or localisation project on the horizon and looking for a language service provider? Request a free, no-commitment quote today!

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