SEO Translation – A Necessity in a Global Market

SEO Translation - A Necessity in a Global Market

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With businesses and retail brands now offering an online service to their customers, it is increasingly difficult for webpages to achieve a high ranking in search engines and algorithms, infringing upon their visibility towards their network of potential retailers and consumers.

It is here that the process of SEO translation comes into play.

Search engine optimisation has become a key marketing strategy and solution for businesses, whose objective is to have a strong e-commerce presence, in order to easily connect and reach consumers via the internet.

Fortunately, BeTranslated can lend a helping hand, with a team of worldwide translators at our client’s disposal, who are not only specialised in translation but as well as SEO translation and optimisation.

The team shares one common goal, which is to effectively increase the reach and visibility of any given brand.

The process of SEO translation

The process of SEO translation not only requires translating content from one language to another, such as English to French, it also requires taking into account several other factors.

Firstly, keywords must be defined, taking into consideration popular research terms, searches, and phrases, including cultural nuances based on search volumes provided by a set of tools, such as Ahrefs, Semrush, or Ubersuggest.

This helps to have a wider scope, providing a better ranking and positioning.

Then, an optimal translation of the content is carried out. The user’s experience is mainly considered, that’s to say the way that the business, the brand, or the product is researched in each language and each region in order to optimise it in the best way possible.

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The goal is to communicate with the audience on a large scale. Search intent is also taken into consideration when optimising a piece of content or a webpage, that is to say if a customer is looking for information about a product or to directly purchase a product.

However, even with these strategies, it doesn’t end there. The content must sound natural and be easy to read for the user, if you want them to carry on reading the page.

SEO translation and the importance of context

This approach to multilingual translation responds effectively to Google’s requirements, in terms of relevant content, which allows access to a better context adaptation, essential for positioning and for facilitating a precise and effective measure of results.

Online translations are crucial for the SEO optimisation of webpages, and this is where IT outstaffing comes into play.

Online translation agencies and translation companies also play an important primary role in this field. With the ever-growing competition in the digital industry, the global visibility of brands and SEO translations have become a vital target and project within the sector.

SEO translation takes into account many factors, notably the research of keywords and a user’s experience in every language, country, and region. Language service providers, like BeTranslated, offer and deliver quality translations on time, with keywords being optimised for reference, and adapted to the criteria of each market.

Thanks to their extensive knowledge, you are guaranteed to have the highest visibility within search engines, so that you can connect to local and foreign clients, which in turn, boosts your credibility.

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The advantages of translation with SEO optimisation

  • The professional translation of webpages’ content into other languages allows a company to increase their recognition internationally, by reaching out to a multilingual audience.
  • Moreover, expert human SEO translation improves their image, as this shows the conscious effort made by the business to better understand other countries and their cultures. Naturally, from a SEO positioning point of view, it is a considerable and major benefit.
  • Having a webpage’s contents in different languages will incite the search engines to include this content in search results in various locations, increasing the visibility of the brand in each language.

SEO expertise: a huge impact on your translations

Even though SEO translation is important for improving the international visibility of businesses, it is worth noting that the quality of the translation must not be ignored.

Poor translations are a common issue, and they can harm the image of the brand, as well as the user’s understanding of the messages conveyed by the content.

Our team at BeTranslated, ensures the quality of our translations by calling upon native speaking translators, as well as carrying out rigorous quality assurance checks.

Furthermore, our SEO expertise allows us to maximise the impact of our translations on a company’s positioning within search engines.

For a more strategic approach towards your SEO, beyond drafting, you could also get in touch with BeTranslated, as we offer SEO consulting services.

Experts and specialists in SEO, we at BeTranslated provide our clients with translations of a very high quality, with keywords optimised in accordance with SEO rules.

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Furthermore, we adapt to the specific criteria of each keyword, and to the positioning strategy, meaning your site will be guaranteed to appear on the first few pages of Google, websites, e-commerce, or blogs, allowing retailers to browse the site, which will increase your sales.

Why should you use our professional translation agency?

Our expert team of highly specialised translators here at BeTranslated are at your disposal, ready to lead the necessary processes required for your project, ensuring that your website is using the correct terminology and slogans, so that your company can operate and perform to its full capacity.

Furthermore, you will be able to compete with the largest companies locally and globally by expanding your client base.

Here at BeTranslated, we specialise in SEO translation, and we understand how vital it is to stay a step ahead of your competitors.

With our localisation expertise and help, we can offer localised content, which drastically improves your user’s experience, and allows your company to earn a client’s trust, whilst simultaneously boosting your credentials.

For more information about our linguistic services and competitive rates, get in touch today for your free, no-obligation quote!

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