Press Release Translation – Why is it Essential?

press release is a short document, whose goal it is to inform and keep journalists, and the public updated about your business’ events and innovations.

Whether it is regarding the launch of a company, or the release of a new product, press releases allow you to establish an effective line of communication with the public.

This is where press release translation services are necessary.

A press release translation into multiple languages, gives your document the opportunity to get noticed globally.

Let’s say that your company wants to step onto the international scene, this will help to grab everyone’s attention.

Translating a press kit can be a very powerful and crucial marketing strategy, and it can allow your company to be very well understood by your target audience.

Why do you need press release translation services?

It might be that you would like to publish a press release as soon as possible, but do you think that it will connect with a multilingual audience if your publications are only available in one language?

If your press releases are only available in English, it is possible that you could miss the opportunity to reach out to a much wider audience.

By translating them into other languages, you can reach out to journalists, the media, and audiences that you would not have reached out to otherwise.

If you provide the information in other languages, you demonstrate that you are invested in clear and effective communication.

Of course, the first step is to find the right translation agency to help you launch your press kits into the global market.

Press release translations are a crucial marketing strategy

Undoubtedly, translating your press releases into various languages is a fundamental element of a comprehensive and impactful marketing strategy.

It goes beyond simply reaching a wider audience; it’s about ensuring that your core message, the information you want to convey, resonates with individuals from diverse linguistic backgrounds.

As you begin to put together your press releases, it’s important to bear in mind the quintessential nature of a well-crafted press release, which should effectively address the five fundamental questions:


This question pertains to the individuals or entities involved in the subject matter of your press release. It’s about identifying the key players, whether they are organizations, individuals, or groups, allowing your audience to understand the context and relevance of the news.


This is the crux of the matter. What is the news? What are the developments or events you are announcing? This question delves into the heart of the matter, revealing the substance of your message.


The timing of your news is crucial. It helps your audience understand the relevance and urgency of the information. Is it a recent development, an upcoming event, or a historical retrospective? Answering the “when” question provides context and immediacy.


This question concerns the location or scope of your news. It’s about geography, be it a specific place, a global perspective, or even a virtual space. Defining the “where” helps your audience place the news in a specific context.


The “why” question delves into the motivations, reasons, and significance behind the news. It’s your opportunity to explain the purpose and the impact of the subject matter. Why is this news important, and why should your audience care?

By addressing these five fundamental questions in your translated press releases, you ensure that your message resonates comprehensively and effectively with your target audience, regardless of their language and cultural background.

This not only expands your reach, but also strengthens your ability to connect with diverse markets across Europe, Asia, and America, ultimately contributing to the success of your global marketing endeavours.

Furthermore, translating your English documents into neighbouring languages, such as FrenchGerman, or Italian, can help expand your market reach across close borders.

A press release’s quality

Only an experienced translation agency will be able to offer you the optimal exposure of your press releases in multiple languages. You can trust in BeTranslated’s professional translators to provide you with a high-quality translation in a very short time, and at a competitive rate.

Furthermore, we ensure that your company grows globally, and leaves your target audience with a positive and respectable image of your brand.

When writing up a press release about your company online, it is important that it is informative, and follows the quality standards required by many media platforms.

Our translation agency is responsible for guaranteeing loyalty to the original document, as well as the quality of the final product.

Being loyal is not the same as being literal. The precision and the thoroughness of our translators’ work lie precisely with your know-how, which allows them to establish this distinction, and therefore adapt a text to a cultural setting, which is inevitably different to that of the original language.

We ensure that our translations are precise and remain loyal to the original message. Simultaneously, we carry out a localisation process, which allows us to adapt the translation to the very heart of the culture of the chosen country.

Time factor of press release translation

Everyone will tell you that the time taken with press release translation is a determining factor. Editors worldwide demand that the presented information is relevant, but above all, handed in on time for publication.

For this reason, quality isn’t our only priority. At BeTranslated, we are very strict with deadlines, and our professional translators are used to working under tight time constraints.

We will work together to ensure that our team completes your press release translations, returning them to you within the agreed timeframe.

This way, you will be able to broadcast synced press releases internationally.

Trust BeTranslated for your multilingual press release translation services

Our extensive experience and unwavering commitment to quality make us an ideal ally for any of your projects.

Our proficiency spans across various sectors, aligning perfectly with our aim to cater for a wide range of industries.

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