Why spend money on professional translation?

spend money on translation

As more and more businesses expand into international markets, the need for translation has increased. It can be tempting for companies to rely on bilingual employees or translation software for this work, but is that enough? Is it worth spending money on a professional translation service?

The dangers of going it alone

As with any professional service, qualified translators guarantee a quality product. Although translation software has come a long way, it still fails to produce nuanced texts which take context into consideration. And, while your bilingual employee might have no problems communicating with international business partners in their native language, without experience and training they will struggle to produce accurate translations that are fit for service. Not to mention it will take them much longer than a professional.

Relying on these subpar measures will lead to translations containing errors, leaving your customers with a negative impression of your company. Bad translations tell people that you are unprofessional and may lead them to question your company’s abilities in other areas. This could result in loss of business and, in the worse cases of mistranslation, legal action being taken against you.

The value of spending money on a professional translation service

Now that we’ve touched upon the issue of poor quality amateur translation, let’s take a look at how and why professional translators are able to produce such high standards of work. Like experts in most fields, it comes down to training and experience.

Professional translators like those working for BeTranslated have gone through many years of education in order to become experts in translation, as well as working hard to be skillful linguists in their language combinations. In addition to this, professional translators usually have experience and training in their specialisms. For example, financial translators may have studied economics or travel and tourism translators may have worked in the travel industry.

This education is continuous throughout their career; translators must stay on top of changes in both the translation industry and the industry of the specialism, as well as continually working on their linguistic skills. This effort leads to highly skilled professionals whose work cannot be compared to that of amateurs or machines. It’s also worth noting that when you hire translators through an agency such as BeTranslated, you can rest assured that all their translators are of a certain standard and that they exclusively translate into their native language.

Investing in translation means investing in your business success

If your company’s motto has been ‘let’s try to do it ourselves instead of hiring a professional’ in relation to translation, we hope that the information provided in this article is making you question your stance. Your attempts to save money by skimping on translation could cost you big in the long run.

Instead of asking yourself if you should outsource to a translation service, you should start asking ‘what is the best translation service for my business?’. Finding the right translator for you, who is skilled and knowledgable in your industry could make or break your international expansion.

At BeTranslated we work with talented translators with language combinations such as English to Dutch and Spanish to French. If you are in search of a reliable translation service, look no further. For more information or a free, no-obligation quote contact us today.

What makes BeTranslated unique as a professional translation service?

small agency

Established in 2002, BeTranslated is a professional translation service with a vast network of freelance translators and project managers. Our staff are located in many different countries across the world from Europe and Asia to North and South America. We efficiently supply reliable translation services according to the availability, specialisation, expertise, and resources of our team members, matched to our client’s needs.

What puts us at an advantage as translators?

Our mix of geographical locations provides us with a unique advantage. This allows us to use the time zone differences in our favour to benefit our clients, enabling us to not only meet the tightest deadlines but also to hold a deeper understanding of the various cultural and language requirements needed. This helps us to cater for the variation in the client base that we serve and to enable a worldwide reach.

BeTranslated is very flexible and our company prides itself on collaborating with those who value quality.  We offer a working environment based on mutual respect and a team that is good at communicating openly.

The service we offer our clients at BeTranslated

In case you were wondering what the translation process looks like for a professional translation agency like BeTranslated, we thought we’d break it down for you:

Step one

We have representatives in different countries and allocate translators that are the best fit for our client’s needs.  They are usually selected based on being experts in the specific regional versions of the languages involved in the project. For example, if a text will be published in Spain, the translator will be specialised in European Spanish. They will be the contact and obtain the client’s precise project spec and details.

Step two

The core members of our network will discuss each project to evaluate its needs. Then the client is provided with a comprehensive quote.

Step three

Based on the specifics of a job, we will assign the freelance translator who matches these needs the best. This might be a specialist in website translation, or perhaps a linguist dedicated to the field of IT or telecommunications. Our linguists are always fully supported by our technical resources to provide a top-quality translation.

Step five

We deliver the requested documents or files on schedule whatever the format, to the highest specification.

Step six

We always follow up with our clients to check that everything is has been delivered as required and that they are happy with the service/s we have provided.

Step seven

If there are comments or alterations to be made, we will act on these and make any necessary changes. Upon confirmation of satisfaction, an invoice will be issued for payment.

A professional translation service you can trust

All our translators are highly qualified professionals. We can cater to most types of translations and, with clear guidelines plus a reasonable deadline, we will ensure that all of our clients are impressed and delighted with our work.

We look forward to the opportunity to wow you with what we do and in welcoming you as a new client at BeTranslated. Got a translation or localisation project on the horizon and looking for reliable professional translation service? Request a free, no-commitment quote today!

Medical translation services: everything you need to know!

medical translation services

Nowadays, all types of automatic translation engines are available for free or at a very low price. However, BeTranslated recommends you to think twice before using these tools, especially when technical translations in the medical or pharmaceutical field are involved. In extreme cases, the difference between an algorithm and a professional can mean the difference between life and death.

Why do I need a professional medical translator?

Medicine and pharmacy are two fields in which a lack of precision or, even worse, inaccuracies can have devastating consequences. What could be more dangerous for a scientist than to read over a clinical trial protocol or medical research report to find a string of nonsensical words simply because of a clumsy automatic translation or an unqualified translator?

And what could be more dangerous for a patient than a missing 0, or the use “hypo” instead of “hyper”? Medical professionals place their trust in translators to provide their peers with an accurate, proofread version of their work. A clumsy mistake could result in a patient not receiving the right treatment, or a disastrous misinterpretation of medical practice. Just imagine the consequences of a mistranslation of usage instruction of a surgical instrument or medical test results or a pharmaceutical package leaflet?

One famous case was the shoddy translation service received by an 18-year old patient, admitted to a hospital in Florida in a comatose state. A bilingual staff member (not a language service professional) translated the Spanish word “intoxicado” as “intoxicated” when the meaning is actually “poisoned”. This clumsy translation resulted in the patient being left quadriplegic. He received a compensation sum of $71 million dollars.

With so much is at stake, it is a false economy to take the risk with bilingual staff members and machine translations. Trust in true industry professionals, with expert knowledge in public and private healthcare, clinical research and the pharmaceutical industry as well years of experience in the translation sector.

Who can I rely on for a quality medical translation?

At BeTranslated, we understand the importance of professional translation when it comes to medical and pharmaceutical texts. That is why we only assign specialised translators to medical projects. But what is a specialised translator? In this case, it would be a translator with background studies in medicine or pharmacy or more than 5 years experience in medical translation.

Our expert linguists have a comprehensive understanding of medical and pharmaceutical jargon, the real meaning of technical terminology and language used by healthcare professionals. This assures us and our clients that there will be no risk of the types of mishaps previously mentioned.

Does my translator need to be a medical professional to understand the language?

Not necessarily. BeTranslated, our specialised translation agency, specialises in medical translation and has a large, varied team of native translators working in a variety of languages and sectors. Our expert team provides tailor-made translations in any format from Word, Excel, and Powerpoint to PDF documents and html files. We always find the right translator for your project, with the specialist knowledge and linguistic know-how to provide you with a bespoke, polished final text.

BeTranslated: your international language service provider for medical and pharmaceutical translations

Our professional translation agency has more than 15 years of experience in medical translation and pharmaceutical translation. Our experienced linguists are fully trained in the translation of your clinical trial documents, patient information leaflets, medical device usage instructions, research protocol, informed consent forms and many other types of medical text. Translation services can be provided into and from a wide variety of languages, depending on your needs. We always tailor each project to the specific requirements, budget and time frame of our client.

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch for more information or for a free quote today!

Property documentation translation is a task for human translators

translating property documentation

Property documentation translation is too important to be left to amateurs or to automatic machine translation engines such as Google Translate. Even the smallest mistake could have disastrous consequences on your estate agency or holiday letting agent, causing a significant drop in your ROI. Find out just how to save your company from falling into this common trap…

The importance of working with professional translators

Your agency has everything it needs to succeed: an attractive website, beautiful photos of your properties, outstanding customer service, and your purchase or rental advertising is bringing in client after client. Nevertheless, make sure you don’t lose your way when it comes to the translation of property documentation from English into any language your client may require.

Our professional translation agency specialises in the translation of property contracts and knows all the ins and outs of these documents, always making sure to maintain total accuracy. These documents are the key point of contact between a future buyer or tenant and can make or break a deal. We understand the importance of a well-translated contract, and we are always sure to provide our customers with a polished final translation.

Hire qualified, native translators

Our team of certified linguists have years of experience in the tourism and property sector and are therefore well-equipped to provide you with a contract in the language of your choice, respecting all the clauses of the original.

Do have a Russian buyer interested in a seaside villa or apartment? No problem! BeTranslated’s translators based in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg will be assigned the task of translating the contract of sale into Russian. The same applies to Chinese, Czech, or Arabic clients: we are happy to translate into any language commonly used in the property sector.

How to stand out in a booming sector

Our online translation agency also provides copywriting and SEO services for your property and tourism blogs in a large variety of languages – the perfect option to attract potential buyers from all around the world. This customer outreach and marketing will help you stay a cut above the rest.

Our team of certified linguists can give you a helping hand to create quality content to turn even the biggest homebodies into potential international buyers or renters of property in the UK, USA, Spain, or elsewhere!

BeTranslated: your number one agency for property documentation translation

Our translation agency holds a sterling reputation in the property and tourist accommodation sectors and, in addition to legal documents such as contracts, we have an excellent track record providing content for blogs and rental sites all over the world. This is thanks to the passion and work ethic of our team of language professionals who specialise in the field of property sale and rental in the UK and abroad.

We work with all file formats (even PDF) and on all online platforms such as WordPress or Drupal. Need a translation of a blog piece urgently from English into Spanish? No problem! Our linguists are ready for anything, true pioneers of the online translation world.

Does your property rental or holiday villa estate agency need a boost to reach new international markets? A well-executed localisation project might be just the ticket! Get in touch today for a quick, free, no-commitment quote!

5 inspiring freelance jobs that allow you to work remotely

inspiring freelance jobs

Ever felt like jacking it all in, leaving your 9-5 office job where you’re a slave to someone else? How about booking a one-way ticket out of here, to somewhere hot with great cocktails, sun, and sea!? The big question is how could you make that work financially? Check out this list of inspiring freelance jobs to give you some ideas.

1. Become a freelance translator

Do you speak a second language? You will find yourself in demand as a translator, especially if English is your first language and you are fluent in a second. In order to become a freelance translator, you will need to get qualifications, such as a degree, but once you have that you can develop a thriving career that you can do from anywhere in the world.

2. Try your hand at stock photography

Have a natural eye and flair for taking beautiful pictures? Use your travel and adventures to capture those special shots which can be listed on stock photography websites and sold for a small price. Build your portfolio and you can start to have a regular income from something you really love to do.

As inspiring freelance jobs go, being a photographer might seem unrealistic, but once you gain some experience you could specialise as a wedding/baby/party photographer in the area you’re living in if you stay there long term. It takes more time to build up a reputation and become known but the paycheque can be bigger.

3. Develop a teaching talent 

Native English speakers can use their skills to teach English online or abroad. Get a TEFL qualification that can be done quickly and reasonably, and have fun helping others to learn your language. This can be a very enjoyable and rewarding job and, due to the high demand for English teachers, there are vacancies literally all over the world. It’s the perfect job for sociable people who love to travel and learn about new cultures.

4. Virtual Assistants will always be needed 

Are you good at administration? Organised? Computer literate? This one’s for you; be an online PA. Perhaps you’ll never even meet the person you work for, but you will assist them with any number of varied tasks they need completing and build a relationship on a professional level all whilst being in completely different locations many miles away.

5. For the expressive writer types

Blog! As a writer you could build your own blog or write content for someone else. How about becoming a ghostwriter or publishing your own eBook? If you love expressing yourself on paper this an option you will really enjoy. With a strong online presence being of utmost importance for any business today, this is a great way to offer your skills to help keep any company on the front line.

Don’t have an office? Who needs one? Work from the beach, coffee shop, pool, or a coworking space. The world is your oyster. All of these ideas can give you the freedom to work anywhere in the world at any time. You can hold down your job and still have time to soak up the sun and dip in the pool, all whilst exploring life overseas! What are you waiting for?

As you prepare for life in a foreign country, you may find yourself in need of professional translation services. BeTranslated is here for you. Whether you need documents translated into Japanese or a website translated into Dutch, we have the right translator for you. Get in touch today for more information or a free, no-obligation quote.