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Translation Tools

Best (Free) Translation Tools for 2020

When you want to translate from one language to another to read something important or communicate, there are a variety of options available for you today. The rapid advancement of technology has made it easy for people with different cultures and backgrounds to communicate.

Our top 10 films about translation

Just like literature, cinema is a great way to set off on a journey of discovery into other cultures, languages and ways of life. This interest in capturing other perspectives through the camera lens has produced many classic and modern films dealing with the subject of translation, either as a subject matter in itself or as a backdrop for some of the biggest stars in Hollywood. Check out our top 10!

The benefits of professional human translation

Professional translation: humans do it better

We are here to tell you how professional human translation is by far the best type of translation. Save yourself the time, money and a headache! Start as you mean to go on and get it right from the offset. This is the only way to proceed with any type of translation requirement. As much as machines and computers are improving they still aren’t able to produce a perfect result.

How to succeed as a freelance translator in 9 simple steps

Being a translator can be a tough job. To some, it might appear to be as easy as just changing one language into another. Despite this impression, there’s a lot more to the role than meets the eye, making this job extremely challenging. This is not to say there aren’t a few perks, such as the option to work from home spending the whole day in your pyjamas and not having the need to face the outside world should you choose not to.

7 key things to consider before proceeding with your next B to B translation

If your goal is to expand your company and take your business beyond domestic markets there are several key things to take into account. The best strategy to pursue, to tap into these international markets specifically those that are not predominantly English speakers, is to present your product clearly and succinctly.

Delivering your message and portraying your brand to this global market as concisely as you have offered your merchandise or service to your home (English-speaking) market is of utmost importance.

Decentralised Translation Services

Learn about what we do at BeTranslated

What makes us unique as a Translation Service?

Established in 2002, BeTranslated works as a decentralised team of professionals. We are a group of freelancer translators that are spread out across different European and Asian countries plus in both North and South America. We efficiently supply a translation service according to the availability, specialisation, expertise and resources of our team members, matched to our client’s needs.

No To Google

Why a translation company can’t be replaced by Google Translate!

Professional translator or translation app?

If you want the job done properly, there’s only one way to proceed with your translation needs, there’s no comparison or decision to be made. It will be the best decision you could make for your business growth and to become a multinational platform. This is paramount now in the ever-decreasing size of the business market. Taking on a translation company is the key to building stronger, better relationships with current overseas clients and branching out to make new ones.

Translation Quality

How do I Command a High Quality Translation as a Customer?

It is our pleasure to share some tips & tricks with you that will aid you in your pursuit of receiving top quality translation work:

  1. Research the translation services available. Look for companies that match your specifics, covering the particular language and dialect you need. Be sure to include checking that the company in question has a specialist available in your field. Therefore can provide you with a translator that has a deeper understanding of the translation topic that you require.
  2. Check out the companies thoroughly. Once you have selected the ones that suit your needs, by looking at their websites, customer reviews and feedback.
  3. Provide some sample texts. To the selected potential translation services and request that they translate this sample for free. Use this as a type of quality check, by providing at least half a page of text (don’t overdo it by asking for too much), you don’t need more. As much as a couple of pages of test translation maximum should be more than ample to be able to gauge their ability and quality. You don’t want to risk losing the interest of good vendors by asking for any more than that.
  4. Be clear on the service that you expect. Ask for details on what is it the company offers. Is it solely the translations that you need or do you also require proofreading as well? If they do offer to proofread, is performed by another qualified translator? It is a good idea to add this to your specification as it is worth taking into account that anybody can make mistakes.  As a customer, it is fair to request a second screening of the work pre-submission.
  5. Ensure that your documents are translated by a translator who is a true expert. It is beneficial to work with some who really knows the subject matter well. You want to work with someone who is directly experienced and has skills in the area you are translating coupled with being a qualified translator. The free sample as suggested in point 3 will be a good gauge and provide you with a fair idea as to which level the translator is familiarised with your business. It will not be unusual for most professional translating companies to receive this kind of request.
  6. Check for references that demonstrate a professional translator has sufficient experience. You want them to have knowledge directly related to your business. Otherwise, they may redirect you to an alternative connection they have, if they think they are not the right match for you. Recommending someone they feel will be more suited to your needs will be helpful.

We would be delighted in assisting you with all of your translation needs. You can contact us through our website check it out to see our full offer and get in touch for a quote and to fully discuss your needs.

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