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8 Top Spots For The Location Independent Professional

Where should you go?

Looking for the best country to become a location independent professional or work as a freelance translator? There’s a big wide world out there, let’s have a look at where to start. Being free to work from anywhere is the dream many aspire to, once you have taken the plunge, decided to leave your 9-5 and are free to live and work anywhere, how do you know which are the best travel destinations to suit your digital nomadic lifestyle? Here’s how you can decide where you could head off to once you pack up your laptop, beach attire and summer clothes.

Being spoilt for choice is hardly the worst position to be in, but with so many different paradise locations to choose from it can be a little overwhelming.

Checklist of the Main Requirements

Let’s break it down; the most important aspects to look for that will cover the most desirable criteria:

  • Sunshine, good weather with temperatures averaging above 23 degrees year round
  • Beach, sand, sea and surf or luscious views and clean country air
  • Low cost of living, to be able to cover food, drink, board and bills for under £1000 per month
  • Strong Wi-Fi, good internet connection to work from
  • A telecommuter community, co-working spaces or cafes where you will find other remote workers

Extra Enticement to Draw you There

As if you needed any more convincing, being able to find these bonuses locally are only going to entice you all the more:

  • Watersports or outdoor activities
  • Yoga/Pilates classes
  • Healthy pit stops for good food
  • Cross culture adventure with friendly locals

Our Summary of the Best Selection 

So now that’s done a let’s review the top picks –

1. Mexico – Puerto Escondido

Puerto Escondido

For something more off the beaten track with a relaxed vibe, this surf spot is well equipped to support digital nomadic needs

2. Columbia – Medellin

Photo Credit: Vogue

A great place to experience living; explore history, mingle with fun people and sample the wonderful local culture.

3. Thailand – Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai

With its many islands and varying parts it’s difficult to define one specific area but there’s no doubt that Chiang Mai has good reason for attracting such a big community of telecommuters.  It is a city surrounded by mountains and greenery and it is also very easy to get to the beaches from there.

4. Philippines – Cebu

Philippines Cebu

Centrally located and well equipped for work; surrounded by some of the nicest people and most idyllic beaches with an archipelago of islands to explore.

5. Malaysia – Penang


A great spot for the foodies out there. Offering a wide variety of cultural influences from surrounding countries, and a good selection of cafes with free wifi to work from.

6. Indonesia – Bali – Ubud


This has been a popular remote workers destination for a long time, due to it’s all round ease, culture, beaches and feel good vibes.

7. Ecuador – Quito


With a year round spring like climate it creates a nice work setting; full of culture and impressive natural attractions.

8. The Dominican Republic – Cabarete


An ideal island if you have a love of surfing or kitesurfing. With a variety of yoga classes, plus cafes to work from; all directly on the beautiful beach, where it also lights up at night for dinner and music.

Take your pick or try them all and be sure to get back to us and tell us what you think.

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