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Small Translation Agency Benefits 

Are you planning to hire a translation agency? To get the results you want, you need to ask yourself the right questions. The market for translation is huge and the competition is stiff. As a customer, it is up to you to entrust your work and product to the most qualified experts. Here are 5 good reasons why it is best to hire a small translation agency.

#1 Optimal Responsiveness

Quick response

Does hiring a small team really equate to better customer experience and improved responsiveness? Yes! Communication within a small company is much simpler than in a larger one, which makes it possible to offer customers a fast and efficient service that is better coordinated.

By hiring a small agency, you can avoid the slower pace and indifference of bigger companies. A small company can combine quality and speed much more easily. Do you need something urgently translated? All the better to hire a small agency! A small company can respond to your request faster and you can rely on them to always deliver your translated documents on time.

Personal relationships#2 Personal Customer Service

When using a small translation company, you will be assigned a single contact person, who is responsive and always available. This person will facilitate all the communications between yourself, the translators and the proofreaders. If there are any questions, concerns, comments or areas of the work to discuss, you know exactly who to contact and how to contact them. Your individual customer care person will respond to all your requests and needs throughout the project.

#3 All the way from A to Z

When you hire a small translation company, your project is managed by a single intermediary, the project manager. Their mission is to ensure a smooth process for you, starting with your initial request up through to the delivery of your completed translated documents. The result of having one person take care of your project from beginning to end also eliminates the chance of miscommunication or the space for anything to get misconstrued. There’s a good reason for the saying ‘Too many cooks spoil the broth’.

A simple and fast administrative process

#4 A Simple and Fast Administrative Process

And there you have it. Our perfect recipe for customer satisfaction is optimal customer responsiveness, personal care and follow-through from start to finish. Mix it all together and you achieve the desired result: a simple and fast administrative process. And for dessert … quality translations always delivered on time!

flexible services

#5 Custom-tailored Translation Services

A small translation agency will connect you to its vast network of professional translators, who are selected according to strict and rigorous criteria. This is where the single project manager shines, responsible for monitoring your project from A-Z and ensuring a smooth process all around. The project manager will identify the most suitable and experienced translator for you and has the responsibility of ensuring that your collaboration with the company goes smoothly for the entirety of the project.

Let us Summarise

Do you need translation services? Do you want a simple, fast and efficient process? Are you tired of dealing with large companies that lack a personal touch and connection with your brand?  Working with a small translation agency that can offer an intimate service and personalised customer care. It is without a doubt the ideal option. This is what you need to be focused on when looking to implement your next translation services contract. This is the way to provide your company with a much improved all round product and experience.

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