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The Advantages Gifted To Bilingual Kids!

Bright, brainy, bilingual kids

Bringing up bilingual children can lead to all sorts of advantages. You are setting them up with the potential to always be one step ahead, the benefits are plentiful. The younger they start the better, for ease and speed of not only picking up the language but also mastering the accent like it was their mother tongue.

Benefits of being bilingual

Here are some of the many things that are said your children can expect to exceed in (and thank you for later on in life):

  1. Improved memory
  2. Ability to problem solve more effectively and deal with ambiguities
  3. The character to resolve conflicts
  4. Better decision-making skills
  5. Stronger attention and focus
  6. Multitasking skills, ability to juggle tasks
  7. Advanced in maths and puzzle solving
  8. A nibbler and quicker mind

The Skills Acquired

These develop partly due to the constant need to be juggling the two languages internally, as they are always needing to make an on-the-spot decision between which they should be using before speaking, the brain seems to naturally summons both.

Learning a second language at a young age is remarkably easier than when we get older and added to the improved cognitive skills as above it also sets kids up for higher test results overall.

I’d like to include one more point from a personal observation, it seems to give the child a more social, helpful persona as they are likely to find themselves in situations where they can rescue someone who is in need of their dual language knowledge by offering some translating.

Added acknowledged benefits later in life

  1. Wider variety of job prospects – with a significant increase in earning power
  2. Increased sense of self worth
  3. Opens up a wider variety of options on places around the world to live with ease
  4. Open minded nature accepting and understanding of different cultures
  5. Ability to learn other languages later on in life with less effort
  6. Deters dementia/Alzheimer’s

It’s never too late to start

Although easier as a child, it’s never too late to learn a new language and adults’ developed brains provide their own advantages in aiding the ease of acquiring this prospect. So if you didn’t start off as a bilingual from a young age you can still catch up and here’s some motivation; currently we can see a significant increase in pay compared to our monolingual friends, along with the increased pay benefit there is also a certain freedom that comes with it too, including options to work abroad or on a freelance basis from anywhere in the world and to be self employed.

Two ideal career options being – a translator or a teacher, amid many more. The most commonly used language throughout the world is English (said to be spoken by a quarter of the world’s population) followed by Spanish. This would be the most advantageous second language to focus on learning to best place yourself in the workforce. There’s nothing to stop you, it is never too late!

Immerse yourself in it, get a great teacher, use the Duolingo app on your phone, any way you can get learning today.

Watch out for our articles coming up on, the best jobs for bilingual speakers, the issues faced when living in paradise, top apps and websites for becoming a freelancer.

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