BeTranslated Opens its Doors in France

Oct 16, 2023 | Translation news

BeTranslated Opens its Doors in France

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Le Point is a French weekly political and news magazine published in Paris, covering a wide range of topics such as economics, technology, health, culture, and trends. It is also known as one of the top three news magazines in France for its credibility and depth of content, providing readers with fresh and opinionated information through commentary and contributions to issues of public interest.

To celebrate the opening of translation company BeTranslated’s French office, an article was published on Le Point’s website, and we’d like to share it with you.

Following its arrival in Spain and Belgium, BeTranslated Opens its Doors in France

According to Umberto Eco, “translation is Europe’s language”. Michael Bastin and Jean-François Bunouf, who are the founders of the international translational agency, BeTranslated, do not beg to differ. As a matter of fact, in the context of global exchanges, and the internationalisation of information, translation holds a key position. Furthermore, Europe is undoubtedly a global region where translation is the most practised.

BeTranslated is an expert translation agency aimed at helping diverse companies, whether they are small and medium-sized businesses, non-governmental organisations (NGOs), or international establishments. With its headquarters in Belgium and a branch in Spain, BeTranslated has now set its sights on France.

Due to a large European clientele being predominantly French-speaking, BeTranslated has an innate awareness of the importance of having a significant impact in France.

As a result, BeTranslated opened its new French branch in October 2023, located in Yutz in the Metz region. It is an area that goes hand in hand with the agency’s expertise in border markets. It is the first step towards a larger expansion in France, with potential future establishments in Paris or Lyon.

Belgium: a translation specialist

Often considered by French businesses as the first point of call for exporting, Belgium finds itself positioned right in the middle of the French-speaking, German, Dutch and Luxembourgian markets. These markets are the most sought-after by French businesses, to trial their international development.

With its three national languages, French, Dutch, and German, alongside a strong practice of the English language, Belgium continues to be a country where excellent translation is embedded in its roots.

With BeTranslated’s set up simultaneously in Liege and Metz, it is perfectly positioned to respond to the needs of French exporting companies. Of course, the agency is equally as active in Southern Europe, available to businesses who wish to expand in Spain and other parts of the Mediterranean, for example. Furthermore, BeTranslated is also present in various other parts of the world, such as Asia and North America.

Experts in every sector and every language

BeTranslated works primarily with clients whose needs revolve around the seven most commonly used languages in Europe, which are English, French, Spanish, Dutch, Italian, German and Portuguese. The agency regularly carries out translations into several other languages, most notably, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Russian, Arabic, Turkish, and even Cambodian.

To respond as effectively as possible to the needs of their various clients, BeTranslated calls upon freelance translators specialised in the sector in question. A large variety of projects can be lead simultaneously, which are very diverse, and can range from business, finance, and technology, to IT-orientated projects. In addition, BeTranslated can also offer audiovisual services, as well as services in marketing, tourism, and culture. Within these services, the writing style is of the utmost importance, alongside the know-how of working professionals, which remains far superior to its artificial intelligence counterpart. ChatGPT will just have to sit back and watch!

With its expertise, BeTranslated offers translations in all kinds of formats, for example, scans, technical specifications sheets, and many more. BeTranslated is also well renowned within the legal world, given its association with sworn translators. SEO translation, with a precise adaptation of online content in order to maximise search engine optimisation, is yet another speciality of this diverse language service provider.

With the translation industry being extremely demanding, the agency is made up of a team of 10 people, with all the project managers previously being translators themselves. They are constantly in touch with industry experts. Quality service is provided to many renowned clients, such as Vinci Construction, with tens of thousands of pages of documentation being provided with technical translations. Other clients include Scholl, Bouygues Telecom, UNESCO, and many French universities and hospitals.

Furthermore, the agency is regularly called upon to help with the editing or translation of scientific articles. Alternatively, BeTranslated also works in a much more light-hearted field, collaborating with Winning Moves, who is one of the agency’s most regular clients, known for their world-famous games, including Trivial Pursuit, Monopoly, Cluedo, and Top Trumps, with Harry Potter, Star Wars, Peaky Blinders, and Lord of the Rings versions available, amongst others.

Thanks to its expertise, quick response time, and personal communication with its clients, BeTranslated is a friendly and approachable translation agency that knows how to work with the biggest names.

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