Communication Agencies – Take a Gamble on Translation

Nov 13, 2020 | Communication, Business Tips

communication agencies

Why is that you ask? Well, because we have more in common than you think.

Translation agencies and communication agencies have the same aim: to simplify information exchange between a company and its target audience to initiate a business relationship.

Translation agencies address businesses that are looking to reach an international audience, while communication agencies speak to all types of organisations but especially those with international aspirations.

To successfully launch communication agencies on the global market, one of the first priorities is to have international documents translated.

This can cover catalogues, brochures, commercial documents, and data sheets as well as promotional and advertising material, and press releases.

It is by far the only way of reaching out to new prospects and the sole method of attracting their attention. After all, attention means interest. And interest is a possible route to sales.

Translating catalogues, brochures, commercial documents and data sheets

If your business is looking to trade in France and further afield, translating your marketing documents , such as catalogues and brochures, can turn out to be a fantastic scheme for times of crisis!

For this, commercial agencies should call on translation professionals who will be able to help you crucially boost your sales internationally.

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With BeTranslated, you are guaranteed that your promotional materials will be translated by experienced translators who specialise in your field.

Their hard work will soon result in an increase in your return on investment. Since they share a language and culture with your potential customers – the people you wish to connect with – they will ensure that the translations of your marketing texts are adapted perfectly to your target audience.

Regionalisms are no secret to them; they know the ins and outs of the vernacular like the back of their hands.

Translating commercial documents and other data sheets will also be key.

BeTranslated provides you with the services of linguists who specialise in technical and marketing translation.

Considering using an agency to translate your advertising material?

If you would like to take the international route, you should obviously translate your promotional material and advertising copy, and, considering they are one of our nearest neighbours, translating into French would be the obvious choice. Bien sûr.

As an English-speaker, you may not be very familiar with French advertising copy. Consequently, we strongly recommend that you have your advertising material – i.e. your brochures, pamphlets, or booklets, or any magazines, media advertising, or articles in specialist business publications – translated into French.

Likewise, don’t overlook your promo videos

Have you chosen to promote your products or services via an advertising video? That’s a brilliant idea.

In terms of SEO, a YouTube video downloader is going to increase your online visibility considerably on the French-speaking market and beyond.

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BeTranslated’s team of French translators boasts solid experience in audiovisual translation and subtitling.

Don’t be tempted to have your advertising videos translated or subtitled by just anyone, or you risk losing your credibility!

The benefits of translating your press releases into French

A press release is a relatively short document that informs journalists or the public of any events, launches, or discoveries made by your company.

Say you have a British company that decides to export its products to France: what better way to publicise this?

This method is ideal for reaching the largest audience possible. If your press release is only available in one language, only one type of potential client will be able to read it.

Translate it into French and you will also reach a global French-speaking audience: of course, if you translate it into the main EU languages or the languages of those target audiences that interest you most, you will be read by the future clients that you are looking to reach most of all.

Turnaround time and meeting deadlines

Professional communication agencies require timely delivery for their publications. At BeTranslated, we make it a point of honour to respect deadlines, in addition to taking quality very seriously.

Our English-to-French translators are used to working to tight deadlines; our team comes together to ensure that everything comes off without a hitch.

BeTranslated – a rapid-response translation agency to meet your communication agency’s needs

By choosing BeTranslated to translate your advertising and commercial documents and your press releases into French, you are launching yourself onto the global stage, with exceptional results!

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Our team of French translators boasts specialists in translating marketing and commercial texts and press releases. As a result, there is no question that the finished product will more than meet your expectations.

Our top-quality services combined with reasonable rates and a strict adherence to deadlines make us the best partner for internationally focused language services.

Contact BeTranslated today for a free quote at no obligation.

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