Environmental Translation Services for the Green Economy

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Renewable, green energy is a well-known concept now, and our global aim to protect the planet and halt climate change needs environmental translation services.

With this global objective comes large quantities of documentation on, among other things, manufacturing, completing projects and patents.

Translating these are vitally important for finding a market and broadening your commercial scope abroad.

Consequently, at BeTranslated translation agency, we are eager to get involved so that our environmental translation services and sector-specific localisation experience can help our clients.

Breaking down the current geopolitical situation with BeTranslated

  • The European Commission has set its member states the goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by more than half by 2030 and requested that they reach specific clean energy quotas, mainly using wind, solar, combined-cycle and water power.
  • In terms of the business world, solid investment in renewable energy is anticipated over the next 20 years. A report from BP in 2019 showed that renewable energy consumption had reached a new record, representing more than 40% of primary energy growth.
    What’s more, the number of Spanish companies committing to installing wind turbines or solar panels is on the increase.
  • In this energy race, lithium mining in Bolivia (lithium is a key component in batteries) by Chinese or South Korean companies is particularly noteworthy, especially in the light of the South Korean president’s strong commitment to offshore wind power that was affirmed this summer via an ambitious growth plan.
  • Of all the environmental agreements worldwide, those of the Scandinavian countries, leaders in bio-propane production, stand out the most. Sweden, in particular, has given the go-ahead to a project to install wind turbines that will provide clean energy for over 300,000 European homes over the next 15 years, demonstrating the enormous growth that the sustainable energy market is experiencing in this region.
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Environmental translation is vital for the global market

As organisations turn their attention to making their offers and solutions for this innovative market sales-ready, they will generate a large number of patents, along with manufacturing processes, specification sheets and websites.

This brings with it the need for documentation translation between Asian or Scandinavian languages and English, as well as many other language combinations.

Bearing that in mind, organisations developing technologies and services to support renewable energy growth will need the services of a professional translation agency and technical translators with in-depth experience of the energy sector, its processes, applied technologies and specific technological terminology.

Our localisation services will allow you to get closer to your target markets and will constitute a crucial step in launching your projects.

At BeTranslated, we can play our part by offering our clients the expertise of our team of specialised technical translators, equally knowledgeable on the specific terminology of the energy industry, as they are on its processes and instrumentation.

Our efficient project management team will oversee your translation project in the quickest turnaround time possible, while our translators are experienced linguists and experts in the sustainable energy and environmental technology industry.

We are used to working on complex projects, and we will produce top-quality translations of your documents, in line with the sector’s terminology and the agreed turnaround time.

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