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Because many companies operate in multiple countries, they often must interact and communicate with stakeholders in other languages. And guess what! The Internet has become one of the primary ways of communication in our society.

Several market studies and even academic research have proven that you will not reach prospects and customers abroad unless you communicate with them in their native language! Simply do the test, next time when you are looking for something on the Internet and check how easily you will want to abandon these pages, how fast your focus will be elsewhere if the content you need is not in your native language!  And even if you would succeed in getting the visitors’ attention, you will probably inform, but you risk not reaching the visitor’s emotions.

Prospects will more likely consider you as a reliable and trustworthy partner if they interact with you in their native language. Surprised? The reason is that many cultures are reluctant to trust businesses that don’t “speak” their own language. Creating a multilingual website is one sure way to avoid getting in such situation.

Did you know that a multilingual business website can do miracles for your search engine rankings? The reason is that when you have content in additional specific languages you will be able to start ranking in searches for that specific languages. That means that your website will have exposure to a whole new group of potential customers: an opportunity you cannot miss, right?

Convinced? Ask us for a free quote and very likely you will be surprised positively about the limited amount the translation will cost you, given that websites often contain repetitive parts of text, images, etc. One last advice: ask your webmaster to provide you with the web content in a text format such as MS Word.  This way, we can add the translations in a second column at the same level, and it becomes easy for your webmaster to insert the translations at the exact position, even without knowing the other language(s)! We can also process most web formats as well.

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