Advantages of Dubbing your English-Language Content

If you are looking to share your company video, YouTube advert or documentary with an audience that doesn’t speak English, hiring a professional dubbing service for your audiovisual content might be the solution you’re looking for. Our translation agency works closely with many experienced figures throughout the dubbing industry who can give your content the boost it deserves.

Dubbing opens the door to potentially millions of viewers

Audiovisual translation is one of our specialities. You will know by now that, at Be Translated, we set a great deal of store by subtitling English-language content into other languages.

Subtitled video content on social media benefits from a considerably bigger audience than text-free video. The same goes for clips that are dubbed into the language of the target market. Whether as an alternative to subtitles or in addition to them, dubbing audiovisual content is good publicity for you in your chosen language(s), whether it’s for your corporate video, your product advert or the classes on your YouTube channel.

In reality, using a professional dubbing service for your English-language video can put you in touch with literally millions of potential consumers. Dubbing into French alone could allow you to reach not just France but Belgium, Switzerland, Senegal, Haiti, and Canada, among a great many others as well.

As you have put a lot of time and effort into producing a professional video, it makes sense to reach as big an audience as possible and more people will be able to understand it if it is accessible in one, or even two, other languages. Latin America and China, for example, are major international markets – both home to a huge pool of buyers who will want to learn about your product in their own language.

Total professionalism with the best dubbing and voice-over actors

Our international network of linguists has grown and grown over the years to encompass a wide range of profiles and many voice actors from a variety of backgrounds have swelled our ranks.

Consequently, we collaborate with voice actors offering voice-overs in Spanish, French, German and more besides, and with experience in adverts and TV channels.

Lip syncing – matching lip movement to speech, as seen in many films and TV series – is one field that our voice actors excel in, giving you an unparalleled viewing experience.

Simple unsynchronised reading, as in a documentary with an off-screen narrator, is another option. Our voice-over actors work with state-of-the-art recording equipment, therefore ensuring optimal sound quality and perfect delivery whatever the broadcast medium, from TV and Internet to cinema screen and auditorium.

Our translation agency guarantees professional dubbing artists in any language

Are you looking for an appealing French voice to explain the finer points of your company’s goals for 2021 and beyond? Maybe your product will soon hit shelves in Italy and you know that only a video in the language of Dante has the ability to reach consumers in Rome, Naples and Florence? Have you just launched your multilingual e-commerce website and want to offer a welcome video in Spanish or Chinese to be able to reach (much) more of the world?

Our translation agency is here to help. We offer the professional voice actors you need, the languages you’re looking for, and unrivalled actors.

BeTranslated has more than 20 years’ experience in professional translation, subtitling and voice-over. There is nothing worse than the experience of dubbed audiovisual content done by an enthusiastic amateur with just an old microphone and an old version of GarageBand. To really make an impact on your target market, professionalism is key.

Please do not hesitate to contact our team to get a quote within 48 hours and to find out more about our services.

Will Multilingual Chatbots Shake up Your Sales Strategy?

After major advances in artificial intelligence (AI) over the last few years, a second generation of chatbots has emerged. With innovative multilingual abilities, it’s now possible to converse with multiple nationalities with just one piece of software. So is it time for your business to join the multilingual chatbot revolution?

The lowdown on chatbots

According to Chatbots Magazine,“a chatbot is a service, powered by rules and sometimes artificial intelligence, that you interact with via a chat interface”, and the chances are you’ll already have come across one. They’re popular with online businesses such as Starbucks and Mastercard, but many others have taken up the technology.

What does a chatbox actually do? Well, they’re mainly used for customer interaction, but also have recruitment purposes. You’ll typically “chat” with them through a web-based application or a standalone app. The computer programme simulates a conversation after it recognises key terms. While this was primitive until recently, the aforementioned AI advances mean chatbots now offer a beneficial prospect to businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Intrigued? You can read this WordStream article for a detailed analysis of how they work, or read on to find out more about the latest innovations.

Multilingual chatbots have changed the game

Until recently, an online user from, for example, Brazil wouldn’t find a chatbot on a UK site capable of conversing in their native Portuguese. They’d either have to know English or communication would come to an end. But businesses now have the lucrative prospect of using a single chatbot that can understand a wide array of languages. And by this, I mean hundreds, complemented with the capacity to respond to queries in a relevant, useful, and sales-driven manner.

Seems too good to be true? Well, it’s a reality, a state of affairs that could well make the chatbot, unknown to the business world just a decade ago, indispensable. So long as your business plans to expand beyond a local market, of course. If it does, then the technology could lead you to greater things.

Parlez-moi, s’il vous plaît

In an increasingly interconnected world, multilingualism has now grown as an important business factor. And why shouldn’t your doors open for interested consumers from across the world? Language barriers and a lack of the right technology have held business back for decades, now we have the technology to overcome such boundaries. Natural language chatbots can even receive training on customer intent; it’s possible to expand an existing model to have multilingual abilities – “train” it, essentially, to learn new languages.

One example can be seen with IBM Watson. As the company explains: “The chatbot identifies the intent to return a response. Before the response is seen by the user, [the chatbot] will translate the response to the language in which the question was asked.” And it can continue to learn from there; a “forced glossary” increases the accuracy of translations. You can customise the glossary as you learn more from interactions with customers, making you adaptable to your customers’ needs.

Expanding into an international market

If this new technology has convinced you that now is the time to reach out to a wider, international audience, remember that making this big step is about much more than chatbots. When expanding overseas you’ll have to consider your market carefully. You’ll need to shift from a local to a global perspective.

But if this is all sounding ideal for your business, there’s plenty to consider. While multilingual chatbots are cost-effective compared to hiring an entire phone department, they still cost money to develop. This is if you choose to create a bespoke chatbot for your business; you can turn to ready-made chatbots. This makes the process more cost and time-effective, but you will lose out on the individuality involved in a bespoke design.

What are the bonuses involved? In summary:

  • Reach a wider audience – you can connect with customers from different nationalities and effortlessly communicate with them. You can also grow your following, increase sales targets, and advance your business.
  • Increase customer satisfaction – there’ll be no more confused emails between varying nationalities.
  • Cost-effective – there’s no need to hire native-speaking customer service specialists. Your software will handle the job for them 24/7.
  • Futureproof – Train your chatbot and adapt it to your industry’s needs. A few multilingual errors? You can update your chatbot to constantly deliver better customer service.

Ready to chat?

Introducing a multilingual chatbot across the 10 most widely spoken languages has far-reaching potential. It could help your business reach millions of new customers. You could create an impressive customer service department—all with one chatbot, but the decision rests with you.

Do you take up the technology and try to steal an advantage on your competitors? Or do you wait a few years for the development costs to come down and the technology to become ultra-streamlined? Either way, it’s a fascinating development for the online business world. It’s setting new precedents and suggesting we’re heading towards a future where your sales strategy will consider dozens of nationalities. As a prospect, it’s unprecedented.

As you contemplate expanding into international markets, and all that that entails, consider how a professional translation agency could assist you in your mission. Experienced native translators who are specialised in niche markets such as construction translation, like those working with BeTranslated, can be relied upon to provide a consistently accurate service. If you have questions or want to request a free, no-obligation quote, get in touch today.