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Why A Translation Company Can’t Be Replaced By Google Translate!

Professional translator or translation app?

If you want the job done properly, there’s only one way to proceed with your translation needs, there’s no comparison or decision to be made. It will be the best decision you could make for your business growth and to become a multinational platform. This is paramount now in the ever-decreasing size of the business market. Taking on a translation company is the key to building stronger, better relationships with current overseas clients and branching out to make new ones.

The benefits of contracting a professional company over a DIY job

When you need to translate business documents or marketing material with a professional result the translation apps are just not going to cut it. In fact, using a translation app has been known to cause many misunderstandings, even when trying to communicate with friends from overseas. They don’t tend to get the gist and often create content that belies what you are really trying to say or translation can be too literal, with the context being lost and nonsensical. Missing the real essence, as let’s be honest, computers will never be as good as people, results in a diluted message.

Represent yourself well

Presenting your company professionally and portraying your message clearly can only be achieved by a professional.  Thus ensuring that you are putting content out there that is well presented and as strong as intended, with text containing all essential words and grammar is of paramount importance.  Through the use of an app the main risk is having content that sounds as if it’s been written by a non-native English speaker and appearing to be disreputable.

What a professional translation service offers

We can speak from our own experience, here at BeTranslated our team are always available to help. The company has been established for fifteen years and maintains many long-term client relationships, along with building new business continuously with clients that work on an ad-hoc basis; completing jobs as and when needed.

We are a team of qualified translators always going above and beyond to get the job done. This often results in us working all hours to achieve deadlines, complete the project and deliver results that satisfy our clients. We pride ourselves on nurturing every assignment individually to ensure each completion is accurate and caters to the client’s specific market. We understand that everyone has niche needs and have therefore formed a strong team of experts in all fields.

The specific services we specialise in    

We cover a wide range of areas for all of your translation needs including, B2B translations, website translation, with our main focus on the following fields: business and finance, high tech and IT, industry and construction, travel and tourism.

We translate all types of commercial documents and contracts, marketing material, website content and social media, plus much more.

The service that you will receive 

What we provide our clients that Google cannot:

  • A native language speaker, from a worldwide team of specialists
  • Experts with knowledge for your specific business sector
  • Precision and accuracy
  • Competitive rates
  • High-quality material

Languages we cover

We translate all of the main European and Asian languages specialising in:

French <- -> English

Spanish <- -> English

German <- -> English

How we save you time and money

We deliver ready to use content that’s good to go, with no need to go over or redo the work. We always meet deadlines and you can be sure that there won’t be any app translated errors such as ‘driving down arteries’ instead of ‘driving along main roads’, or ‘flirtatious farms’ instead of ‘attractive properties’. We’ve got you covered.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for a quote, you won’t be disappointed.

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