Zoom Interpreting – Embracing The Digital Shift

Zoom interpreting

It’s impossible not to notice the extent of which the world has changed, not only due to the pandemic, but also with the help of technological advancements.

Some of these changes that arose from the pandemic, are now past the point of irreversibility, which means we are solidly set in the digital age, whether that’s a good or a bad thing.

All kinds of industries have had to adapt to our new world and the new norm that is Zoom meetings, classes, and even parties.

The translation industry is no exception to this adaptation; requests for Zoom interpreting have become a common feature.

Why companies should embrace the digital shift

It is clear that, especially since the COVID pandemic, the economic, social and professional repercussions have been unlike anything we’ve known up to now.

A number of experts agree that habits adopted throughout the various lockdowns – such as keeping our distance and wearing face masks – will remain for a significant period, even now that the pandemic is over.

Likewise, the number of planes in the sky and trips away might be on the rise again but are unlikely to get back to the same levels as before the pandemic, particularly considering the extraordinary climate crisis and the increasing awareness of it among the wider public.

Consequently, remote working has increasingly become the norm. These days, it no longer surprises us to hear about companies who announce that they are saying goodbye to their expensive Silicon Valley offices and opting to work remotely full time.

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These new ways of life are not a passing trend but will most likely mark the next decades of the 21st century – a century whereby a virtual, remote and socially distanced life is already second nature.

Any organisation unwilling to embrace the move online will run the risk of paying dearly for it.

Remote interpreting

Like the wider translation industry, interpreting is not immune to this situation. While some methods – such as simultaneous interpreting for organisations like the UN – are highly likely to re-emerge after the pandemic is over, the majority of interpretation services will take place remotely.

After a year of online corporate meetings between colleagues in different countries, we know full well that their smooth running no longer requires the physical presence of all participants.

Quite the opposite, as relegating these meetings to the past will mean companies can make significant savings on participants’ travel or hotel expenses.

Organisations have got to grips with this perfectly and are now investing in good-quality video conferencing software for better remote communication.

The boom in simultaneous Zoom interpreting is proof of that. Why fork out for a whole team’s travel when good Wi-Fi, high-performance video conferencing software and a PowerPoint translated into French or a PDF in German more than does the job?

Nevertheless, two aspects will make a world of difference: the quality of the interpreter’s work and how comfortable they are using Zoom in a professional capacity.

Zoom interpreting – 100% professional results

Do you want to organise a multilingual PowerPoint presentation for all your employees? Are you a company director giving an online talk to a group of international stakeholders? Or do you just want to seamlessly share ideas with a potential client or partner on the other side of the world?

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Our qualified professional interpreters are experts in business interpretation – whether that is seminars, conferences, presentations, Q&As, meetings, or discussions – as well as trained in, and perfectly at ease, using Zoom.

This is what sets us apart from other agencies: with us, you can feel confident that we know our way around those pesky Zoom settings, guaranteeing smooth output and speech and no unwelcome disconnections or poor-quality images.

Our remote interpreters are renowned for their unimpeachable work.

These professionals, who work from the four corners of the globe and across time zones, are all experts in a chosen field, from IT or marketing to legal documents or medical texts. The quality of our Zoom simultaneous interpretation service is proof of their credentials.

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