How The Millennial Generation Works

How the Millennial Generation Works

How working life used to be

When our grandparents and parents grew up work ethics were very different. They were told to work hard put their heads down, get through the daily grind and this would result in success and a happy, fulfilling life.

The aspiration was to hold down a job making it a stable career and work 9-5 to support a family. Buying a nice car, mortgaging a house and having children was what to strive for. Taking a two week holiday abroad was a luxury reserved for the upper class alone and later became the aim for most.

8 Top Spots For The Location Independent Professional

8 Top Spots for the Location Independent Professional

Yo Yo Yo where should you go?

Looking for the best country to become a location independent professional or work as a freelance translator? There’s a big wide world out there, let’s have a look at where to start. Being free to work from anywhere is the dream many aspire to, once you have taken the plunge, decided to leave your 9-5 and are free to live and work anywhere, how do you know which are the best travel destinations to suit your digital nomadic lifestyle? Here’s how you can decide where you could head off to once you pack up your laptop, beach attire and summer clothes.

10 Foods That Brits Miss When They’re Abroad

10 Foods That Brits Miss When They’re Abroad

Are We All Just Creatures of Habit?

We all love a holiday and getting to enjoy the many wonderful new delicacies we can experience while being abroad. Such as tucking into a delicious paella or tasty empanada when in Spain, sweating over a nice and spicy hot curry in India, there are always noodles by the bowl full in China and South East Asia to savour. While we are away from home and our regular diet, despite the new and delicious foods on offer there always seems to be a selection of typical British culinary delights that we miss. The products from England that we crave that can offer us some home comforts.

The Advantages Gifted To Bilingual Kids!

The Advantages Gifted to Bilingual Kids!

Bright, brainy, bilingual kids

Bringing up bilingual children can lead to all sorts of advantages. You are setting them up with the potential to always be one step ahead, the benefits are plentiful. The younger they start the better, for ease and speed of not only picking up the language but also mastering the accent like it was their mother tongue.

10 Apps And Sites For Remote Freelancing

10 Apps and Sites for Remote Freelancing

How to Start Up as a Remote Worker Telecommuting

Getting started

This usually takes some perseverance. Getting clients without any previous experience tends to mean offering a really competitive rate. Some of the apps below work on a points and recommendation basis, so the feedback from previous clients are the testimony that you are a great person for the job, can be relied upon to deliver what’s required and within the deadlines set.

The Benefits Of Employing Multilingual People

The Benefits of Employing Multilingual People

Is English as a second language more than enough, or not?

Employing staff with knowledge of foreign languages is crucial for companies that are working at an international level. It is true that having a good knowledge of English will help a lot. At most locations, English is proven to be the most useful and the best-fit communication language.

How Do I Command A High Quality Translation As A Customer?

How do I Command a High Quality Translation as a Customer?

It is our pleasure to share some tips & tricks with you that will aid you in your pursuit of receiving top quality translation work:

  1. Research the translation services available. Look for companies that match your specifics, covering the particular language and dialect you need. Be sure to include checking that the company in question has a specialist available in your field. Therefore can provide you with a translator that has a deeper understanding of the translation topic that you require.
  2. Check out the companies thoroughly. Once you have selected the ones that suit your needs, by looking at their websites, customer reviews and feedback.
  3. Provide some sample texts. To the selected potential translation services and request that they translate this sample for free. Use this as a type of quality check, by providing at least half a page of text (don’t overdo it by asking for too much), you don’t need more. As much as a couple of pages of test translation maximum should be more than ample to be able to gauge their ability and quality. You don’t want to risk losing the interest of good vendors by asking for any more than that.
  4. Be clear on the service that you expect. Ask for details on what is it the company offers. Is it solely the translations that you need or do you also require proofreading as well? If they do offer to proofread, is performed by another qualified translator? It is a good idea to add this to your specification as it is worth taking into account that anybody can make mistakes.  As a customer, it is fair to request a second screening of the work pre-submission.
  5. Ensure that your documents are translated by a translator who is a true expert. It is beneficial to work with some who really knows the subject matter well. You want to work with someone who is directly experienced and has skills in the area you are translating coupled with being a qualified translator. The free sample as suggested in point 3 will be a good gauge and provide you with a fair idea as to which level the translator is familiarised with your business. It will not be unusual for most professional translating companies to receive this kind of request.
  6. Check for references that demonstrate a professional translator has sufficient experience. You want them to have knowledge directly related to your business. Otherwise, they may redirect you to an alternative connection they have, if they think they are not the right match for you. Recommending someone they feel will be more suited to your needs will be helpful.

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